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6 Things You Need To Know Before You Fall In Love With Someone Who Experienced Emotional Abuse


Love is a beautiful thing. But there are many souls out there who have been abused physically or emotionally and their perception of love might be somewhat bleak.

So, here’s what every man or a woman needs to know if they want to date a person who has gone through an emotional abuse.  

1. They Need To Feel That They Are Worthy

Every person who has once fallen for the wrong person, the one who made their life a burning hell, the one who made them feel like they are not good enough – needs to feel like they are worthy of being loved and cared for.

Be sure you give them time to heal and always remind them how special, beautiful, and amazing they are.

2. They Are Extremely Cautious

When a person spends too much time with an abuser, they learn how to walk on eggshells. That’s why whenever they notice that you are moody or angry, they will start fearing that they will be the one who will be “punished” in the end. That’s why they are extremely careful with everything they do or say.

That’s why you need to be very sensitive and understanding to them. You need to make them feel safe and comfortable to say and do what they want without a fear that you’ll get mad at them.

3. They Can Be Confused Sometimes

Being involved with someone who emotionally abused them has left some deep scars on their heart. And because of this, they can be confused about the things they want. They’ve been through hell and back and that’s why they need some time to figure out whether they see a potential in you.

Once they make up their mind, they’ll let you know. Until then you can be there for them and be patient.

4. They Can Be Easily Hurt

People who have experienced emotional abuse can be easily triggered and easily hurt by small things, like forgetting to return their call, speaking loudly to them, or offending them with some word or action, because they will start getting flashbacks from the times they were abused.

That’s why you must be extremely careful with your words and actions to not hurt them and remind them of the past pain and trauma they’ve gone through.

5. They Want Things To Be Different This Time

A person who has been through a living hell, wants things to be different this time around. They want to have everything they didn’t have in the last relationship. They want to be treated with love and respect.

They have been through a lot of pain, so they need you to show them the meaning of love again.

6. They Want You To Accept Them As They Are

They are aware that life wasn’t fair to them, and that they have many scars on their heart and body. But they didn’t ask to be abused, and the abuse certainly doesn’t change the wonderful person that they are.

That’s why they want someone who will accept and love them for who they are, scars and all.

Because these people are true warriors. They have been through the hardest battle, the battle of the heart, and they’ve survived. They have a heart of gold and they are looking for a person who will love them and reciprocate their efforts. Someone who will not hurt them again…

Mary Wright