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6 Things That Will Boost Your Attitude When Life Tries To Bring You Down


Life is hard – sometimes very hard. But that’s life: full of challenges, struggles, pain. In fact, many will agree that life is a constant battle, one which doesn’t always work the way you want it to.

And when life tries to bring you down, a refreshed attitude and outlook on things is the only thing that will help you to rise up again and take life by the reins. Here are 6 ways you can boost your attitude when this happens.


When disaster strikes, it’s only natural that we do everything in our power to fight back and prevent any further deterioration of the situation we’ve thought we had planned too well to crumble like that.

The shock you might experience is only natural, but it’s also an indicator that you should maybe give yourself some timeout before doing anything. It’s because, under stress, nobody is able to think clearly and make rational decisions.

So, fall back and give yourself some time to clear your head up and begin to devise ways to face the odds that have been presented to you. You don’t always have to react immediately, so take this fact to your advantage and get yourself a cup of coffee, tea, whatever – relax.


When trouble comes, its main characteristic is its ability to shift your focus away from where it should be. So, instead of shifting in the direction that the circumstances are trying to lead you, keep your eye on the goal and be resilient.

Sit down and write out what your goal is, if necessary – remind yourself. Give some thought to what you need to do because of the circumstances to achieve it, even if it takes a few extra steps because of them.

Never allow yourself to be crushed under the circumstances. Just look at them from an impersonal perspective and maneuver through them.


In truth, negative circumstances scream for our attention, for our ability to solve them and set them right. Dwelling on them and not doing anything about them because they seem unbearable won’t give you any results and you will just stay where you are – in a position which is utterly unpleasant.

So, instead of talking about the problem, start talking about the solutions to that problem. You already know what the problem is, so your job is to devise a plan to solve it and move on.

Finally, put your plans down on paper and monitor your progress. There’s a way out of everything (as Stephen Hawking says, even black holes have an exit).


The mind is an interesting thing: what you feed it with, it will find a way to develop it and make it bigger. This means that if you start worrying, it will develop more and more worries until it can take no more.

So, when the negative circumstances have you against the emotional wall, get together with a friend who can encourage you, pick up a good book, or watch some motivational videos. Whatever positive input you can get is precious at this time, as it will help you develop a more positive attitude toward yourself.


Every situation has both the good and the bad in it. It’s our choice what we focus on, and we have the power to literally change our perception of things. Start dwelling on the positive things in your life, count and name your blessings one by one, and try to see the lesson in this situation.

Does it say that you need to love yourself more? Does it say that you need to show more empathy toward others? Does it say that you need to stop slacking and start thriving? There is always something good you can get out of the even seemingly worst.


Nothing lasts forever, and we live in an ever-shifting reality – one that lives and breathes just as we do. Life is a rollercoaster and you may have experienced a swift dip. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t rise up soon enough!

Look up and know that whatever happens in life shall pass – the good and the bad. That’s perhaps the best thing about life: it’s full of lessons and meanings that say so much about who you are and how much you can do. Never let these things bring you down because that’s not their purpose.

Mary Wright


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