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6 Things Every Woman In A Relationship Deserves To Have


1. Someone who thinks lounging at home on a Saturday night is just as fun as bar hopping.

We all know how fun it can be to put on a skinny fancy dress, get ready and go out for a long night out. However, sometimes, skipping all that fuss and enjoying a night in is the right thing to do. Every woman deserves a guy who understands that cuddling on the couch and watching her favorite TV show while waiting for the pizza delivery to arrive, can be just as fun as hopping to bars and dancing all night long. (1)

2. Equality in the relationship.

There is nothing more valuable to a woman than – the long fought for – equality. Empowering your lover and working as a team, instead of enemies, is something that every female on this planet dreams of. Meeting mutually agreed on decisions, considering both sides of an argument and simply hearing the story from both sides is the way to go.

3. Loyalty and nothing more.

Everyone deserves a trustworthy lover. Someone who is not going to be a burden on one’s shoulders. Almost the best thing a woman can have in her life is a good, loving, and loyal man she won’t have to question – as he would be worth a million other men she would have to play the investigator and detective with.

4. Actions speak louder than words.

Telling a woman how much you love her is not enough. As wise people have said multiple times – actions speak louder than words! Showing a woman she is something special, she is being appreciated and loved is every man’s responsibility.

Nobody asks for lavish gifts and diamonds. Simply putting a smile on her face and filling her with nothing but joy and happiness is what she wants. The smallest things and the most gentle gestures are guilty for the biggest smiles. Instead of repeating how irreplaceable she is, show her that she is the woman every man would kill to have. (2)

5. Passion.

We are all well familiar with the claim that long-lasting relationships don’t have the sparkle anymore, which is not necessarily true. No matter how long the relationship is, one can never become bored with their lover or simply have enough of their romance. Finding out what keeps the fire going can be crucial, and also beneficial for the well being of the relationship.

6. Growth.

Perfect relationships don’t exist isolated in space, away from all of the possible influences and changes. As nobody is the same person they were in middle school, you can’t go into a relationship with the expectation that nothing is going to change. Which can be a good thing.

Changes are inevitable in our lives. Changes, such as moving in together, getting married, or starting a family together are something that keeps our life going. A positive development and improvement of your relationship are guaranteed as long as you and your loving partner are growing in the same direction accompanied by mutual understanding and of course nothing but love.

David Smith