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6 Habits Of Highly Grateful And Genuine People


I think we are all guilty of wallowing in self-pity and negativity from time to time. Sometimes we are focusing too much on the things we don’t have while forgetting to appreciate and be grateful for the things we do have in our life.

Gratitude is something which we all need to implement into our lives and practice it daily. It should become our habit. And here are 6 habits that all grateful and genuine people have in common.

1. They Take The Time To Appreciate And Smell The Roses

Or the fresh coffee, or the bread that is baking in the oven. This gives them pleasure. They enjoy all the little things that happen around them. They are grateful for every experience no matter how insignificant it might seem to others. This is why they never take anything for granted. Their heart is always full of beauty.

2. They Are Grateful To People As Well

Being grateful to things leads only to self-fulfillment and joy because things can’t sense your gratitude. People, on the other hand, glow in gratitude. A simple “thank you” can make someone happier instantly and it can also strengthen the bonds between people.

3. They THANK Outside The Box

You wonder how? Well, they thank the guy who broke their heart, they thank the overly-critical boss, and they thank the homeless person that asked for change. They know that while it is easy to be grateful for all the good things, it takes a truly genuine person to be grateful for the bad also.

4. They Think About Loss And Death From Time To Time

Thinking about loss and death can really make one grateful for the life they have. The mere fact that they are healthy and alive are enough things for being genuinely grateful.

5. They Take The Good Things As Presents, Not Birthrights

Do you know what the opposite thing of gratitude is? It’s entitlement. The attitude that many people have that they deserve something and other people owe it to them because they are special. There is no way for a person who feels like this to ever feel gratitude.

6. They Mention The Pancakes

Truly grateful people are specific. They don’t express gratitude just because. They are very specific when they do it. They will not say thank you for the delicious meal, but they will thank you explicitly for the thing they enjoyed the most. The reason for this is because gratitude is more genuine when it is specific. It means you paid attention and that you are sincere.

Are you a grateful person? How do you express gratitude?

Mary Wright