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6 Extraordinary And Inspiring Qualities Only Authentic People Possess


Authenticity is a trait that is slowly fading. This world, this society that we live in is brutal and fake. I mean, let’s face the reality.  The true, old-school, classic values that were once appreciated and respected are now gone.

More and more people give up on inventiveness and creativity because they see that the easier way out is stealing and replicating what’s already done. People no longer care to stand out of the crowd. ‘Following the stream’ and becoming just another brick in the wall seems like a much safer option.

And it saddens me to say this, but authentic people are very rare. They are almost extinct.

Luckily, I am truly blessed to have some of them as my friends.

So, what do we exactly mean when we say, authentic people?

Well, to me authenticity is being your true self in a world that constantly tries to change you. Authentic people are not afraid to express themselves and stand up for what they believe in, because at the end of the day, they are their own judges in life. They are people who live their lives based on their own set of values, no matter how strange and unacceptable they are to the masses. Their aura shines with honesty and integrity.

Most importantly, they are the beautiful, rare dandelions that make this world a truly better place.

These beings…

1. Have realistic perceptions of life. They know exactly where they stand in life. That makes them completely aware of their strengths, as well as their weaknesses. A person who nurtures a pure, genuine soul knows that true happiness in life can only be found by embracing the changes as they come. By living life in the moment. By accepting the everyday challenges and learning from them.

2. Have no problem expressing their emotions. Authentic people are not afraid to show the world that they are different. In fact, that is the thing that makes these human beings special. They are not afraid to stand alone, as long as they follow their own path in life and live accordingly to their own core values.

3. Are thoughtful and compassionate. Authentic people have pure, empathic souls and they love to help others. They are our hope that this world might eventually change for the better. They are the ones who keep reminding us that love does exist.

4. Are aware of their weaknesses and very open to learning from their mistakes. Authenticity means accepting ourselves just the way we are. It is letting the world know that we wear our differences as a badge of honor. Genuine people who have accepted this philosophy on life have no problem revealing their flaws. They know who and what they are. More importantly, they value their unique qualities. Fitting in has never been on their list of goals.

5. Don’t judge other people. They know that each and every soul on this earth has their own unique journey, their own purpose to fulfill. Therefore, they do not waste their precious energy on judging the choices of others. Authentic people know how hard it is to follow your own path in life without giving up at the first hurdle. They know how hard it’s been for them to achieve what they have now. That is why they will always be here to help others in need.

6. Take care of themselves both emotionally and physically. They are aware that they are the only ones responsible for their happiness and wellbeing in life. Self-care and self-love are always on top of their priority list. For, it is only when we learn to love ourselves, that we’ll be powerful enough to love others.

Stephanie Reeds