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50 Thoughtful Anniversary Ideas That Will Show Your Loved One How Much You Care


Your anniversary is slowly approaching and as much as you feel excited about celebrating another year filled with laughter and joy with your partner, you’re quietly freaking out because you have no idea what kind of a surprise you should make for them.

The only thing you know is that you want it to be creative and special.

Well, we’ve all been there.

Luckily for you, we’ve asked some of our friends, researched the web and came up with many interesting ideas that will help you make your day even more special:

1. Take your tent with you, light a fire on the beach and spend the whole evening under the stars.

2. Plan a trip outside the city. Someplace quiet, someplace peaceful. Rent a cozy cabin in the woods maybe? Buy some food, some tasty treats, a few bottles of wine and surprise your partner with a nice picnic on the lake.

3. Rent a small boat for two and go sailing. Be adventurous.

4. Book a romantic vacation without them knowing. Pick a place they’ve always wanted to visit.

5. Write them a love letter and let the words speak everything your heart carries. Handmade presents are the best things you can give to someone. They speak louder than everything else.

6. Surprise each other with some special playlists carefully made for each other.

7. Bake them a cake and decorate it on your own.

8. Buy them a bracelet inscribed with something that will always remind them of your relationship. A significant date, initials, quote or something even more creative.

9. Take them camping someplace magical.

10. Order a special set of chocolate custom made for them. Better yet, try to make them yourself. It doesn’t matter if they look messy, it is the effort that counts.

11. If your partner doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you can try and make them something else. A pizza in the shape of a heart?

12. Find a big jar and fill it with reasons why you love them. You can also add songs that both of you enjoy or moments you’ll never forget. Classify them in different colors and different shapes. Watch them as they read every single one of them and smile.

13. Save up some money and buy them the tickets for their favorite band.

14. Buy them a t-shirt with their favorite superhero or their favorite musician.

15. Plan a hunt that takes you through the city to different places where you had your dates. Give your partner some creative riddles to solve and end it with a dinner in your favorite restaurant.

16. Build a snuggly fort and spend all day cuddling and making love.

17. Try something new and adventurous together. Like bungee jumping or rafting.

18. Make a cute photo album of all the random, and spontaneous photos you took together

19. Rent the whole ice rink and take them ice skating. Set up romantic lights and turn on some romantic music.

20. Plan a surprise getaway without them knowing about it. Tell them to pack just the essentials.

21. Get all the ingredients you need and stay at home to cook. Enjoy your pleasant evening by binge-watching your favorite series and eating delicious homemade meals.

22. Surprise them with a different kind of photo album – a boudoir album.

23. Make a short movie about your relationship. Use every silly video, every photo and every moment of your life together.

24. Make a bucket list with +100 things you want to see together.

25. Stalk your partner’s online wish list and order their most favorite things without them knowing. Wrap up the presents and make them guess what are they. Follow the expression on their face as they unwrap the presents.

26. Take the day off from work, pick them up and take them to the mountains.

27. If you have kids, take them at your sister and surprise your partner with a romantic night of movies, food, love-making, and cuddling.

28. Fill the whole house with colorful balloons and on each balloon, write something you love about them.

29. Make a spa reservation for two.

30. Take them on a movie date. Pick a movie you both love.

31. Make a handwritten letter for them detailing some of your favorite memories you’ve had together for the last year.

32. Whenever you notice something they might like, put them on your Amazon wish list.

33. Bake them their favorite muffins.

34. Print a meaningful compliment on a cup they’ll use every day.

35. Write a story about them and put them as the main character.

36. Rent a kayak and go on an adventure.

37. Pick them up and take them to the best sunset spot out of town. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine and their favorite pizza.

38. Take them to the place where you two had your first date.

39. Rent a cabin in the woods and spend the entire day naked together.

40. Buy tickets for their favorite musical.

41. Go to a stand-up comedy show and laugh until you cry.

42. Organize a sexy cosplay. It could be Batman and Catwoman, Van Helsing and Anna Valerious, or a simple nurse-patient play. It’s your call.

43. Twister. Butt naked.

44.Print sex coupons for naughty, fun time and enjoy yourself.

45. Plan a movie marathon night with their favorite series. Game of Thrones, Vikings, Star Wars, Harry Potter or whatever it is that you two enjoy together. Spend all weekend under one blanket.

46. Plan a date with a lot of fancy drinks and a game of sexy truth or dare.

47. Take an art class and draw portraits of each other.

48. Go skinny dipping at the nearest lake.

49. Make vision boards together and dream about everything you want to do together.

50. Take a dancing class together and explore your bodies.

Stephanie Reeds