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5 Ways That Someone With Anxiety Shows Their Love


Anxiety is utterly crippling for the people who are suffering from it. Their disorder infects every single part of their lives and destroys everything for them. Naturally, it often affects their love lives as well. This is an illness that never takes a break, and it certainly won’t take a break for relationships either.

It’s understandable then that people who suffer from anxiety love differently. Here are 5 ways that someone with anxiety shows their love.

1. They’re Thoughtful

Although their anxiety may make them overthink things a lot of the time, it can also make them think about the small stuff too. They’ll remember which restaurant you wanted to try, which new watch you wanted, and what your favorite flowers are. Likewise, they’ll take you on the most romantic dates that they possibly can just to make you smile.

2. They’re Fueled by Emotion

Being logical doesn’t come easily to this person. Since their emotions rule their mind at all times, that’s exactly how they’ll respond to you. In most cases, this can be a nice thing since they’ll try to show you just how much you mean to them. However, it can often be difficult in an argument when they aren’t able to detach themselves from their nervous feelings.

3. They Put in the Hard Work

People with anxiety will do whatever it takes to make sure that everything in their life is a success. They don’t want to risk losing what’s most important to them no matter what. The same can be said for their relationships too. When they love someone, they aren’t afraid to put in some hard work to keep the relationship strong.

4. They Fear Disappointing You

This is a person who will do the most wonderful things for you. They’ll comfort you, support you, take you on nice dates, and buy you thoughtful gifts. However, sometimes they can be a bit over the top about how they approach you. The only reason that this happens is because they’re so afraid of letting you down. More than anything, they just want to be the perfect partner for you.

5. They’ll Take Time Away From You

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you have anxiety. Living with this disorder makes every day a constant battle that they always feel like they’re losing. So, sometimes they’ll need some time alone to recharge. They don’t want to risk becoming too overcome with emotions and lashing out at you. It’s much more productive for them to spend some time away from everyone so that they can go back to being the same, loving partner.

Loving someone who has anxiety may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. They will do whatever they can to support their relationship and grow their love. So, show them the same care and support them too. They need someone who will understand them and be patient with them. The road ahead isn’t straightforward, but their love and dedication to you will make it all worthwhile.

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Eva Jackson