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5 Reasons Why Strong And Confident People Let Karma Do Their Dirty Work

karma when someone wrongs you

Every single one of us felt the pain of getting hurt at some point in their life. Some people get their hearts broken a few times, others are mercilessly betrayed and hurt. It is a never-ending cycle.

Whether it’s a friend you’ve loved as a family or a partner you cared for with all your heart. It is happening everywhere around us. And as humans, the only thing that really satisfies our little, broken hearts is justice.

Or should I say revenge?

However, only a few of us out there have mastered the art of letting it go. These people have no pleasure in seeking revenge and hurting the ones who’ve wronged them.

They’ve been through a lot of drama in their life, only to find out that the best way to heal is to let go of anything that shattered their heart to pieces and let karma do all the necessary (dirty) work.

It is the most intense force that will make sure you’re served with everything you deserved. Nothing less, nothing more. And, believe me, it is coming for every single of you.

So, here are 5 good reasons why strong people chose to rise above the need for vengeance and decided to let karma do their work:


I know your pain. I’ve been there. You are hurt, and you can’t think straight. The only thing that crosses your mind is the worst possible way of hurting the one that did you wrong. And you think that you’ll actually feel pleasure because the justice will finally be satisfied.

But, the truth is… you won’t. Revenge might make you feel better for a moment, but it will never erase your horrible experience. It will only prolong your suffering and ignite a negative energy vibration. As the wise Mahatma Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Heal your wounds by staying away and let karma do its work.


And not only revenge will make your suffering inexplicably dreadful, it will also get you knee-deep in mud.

It might be tempting to destroy everything they hold dear, but it will also require you to get your hands a bit dirty. And that, my dear, can get you in a lot of unexpected trouble.

Now, why would you do that, when you can sit back, get popcorn, relax and watch karma bust their sorry ass instead?


If we decide to seek revenge against every person who ever wronged us, we are consciously making a decision to dedicate our lives to hurting people than moving forward and taking care of our wellbeing.

Revenge is the desire to get even when someone does you wrong. It’s natural to feel angry… However, revenge reduces you to your worst self, puts you on the same level with those spiteful people we claim to abhor, says Judith Orloff, M.D., author of The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.

That is why strong people know exactly when it is time to just walk away, despite the pain. They know that we’re all waiting in line to be served at Karma restaurant, and what you eventually get depends only on what you deserved.

Don’t allow yourself to sink to their poor level. Chin up, darling. Life is beautiful. And luckily, we have karma to thank for it.


You know “what comes around, goes around” means right?

Well, when I’m saying that karma gets everyone, I mean literally everyone. So, if you decided to act on your anger and started to think of all the ways to destroy the one who broke you, you are just joining that malicious never-ending cycle. And karma has a special method for these people.

It doesn’t matter that you’re doing it because they were the first to hurt you. If you let your anger and pride take over, you’re no better than them.

Strong people are aware of this. They know that if someone deserves it, they’ll eventually have karma biting their asses as well. No one, I repeat, no one escapes the skillful hands of karma. 

Sit back and relax.


Strong people learned that the best way to see someone suffer for what they did to them, is to keep growing and glowing. Like nothing ever happened. Like you have the whole world on your shoulders. In their faces!

Nothing is going to get under their skin like seeing you succeeding and reaching greatness. And, especially if they did everything in their power to make you fail.

The sweet taste of victory. Oh, how I love that feeling.

What karma is doing is actually maintaining the natural order of things in this universe. I believe that’s the greatest cosmic justice there is.

A truly strong and powerful person knows that whatever happens in life, the best option is to just pick up your leftovers, glue them all together and keep moving.

You can do this!

Stephanie Reeds


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