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Karma Will Avenge You Sooner Or Later. Trust Her

Karma Will Revenge You Sooner Or Later. Trust That B*tch

I’m sure that we’ve all found each other in a situation where someone hurt us so badly that every fiber of our being was screaming at us to get revenge.

And it is a natural reaction to strike back whenever someone wrongs you. We want them to pay for the emotional and/or physical pain they have caused us. We want them to suffer like we are suffering.

But, no matter how tempted you are to get revenge, please stop yourself from doing that because it will lead to no good. Making peace with everything is the best solution for you. Why? Because when you rise above them and don’t harbor negative thoughts about them, the Universe will have your back and reward you with even better things. When you become revengeful, on the other hand, those negative feelings and emotions will return to you even stronger and break your heart again.

Your best revenge is to continue living your life the best way you can. Letting them know that they don’t have the power to hurt you. That you are above them and so, you won’t bother wasting your time and energy on them. They are not worthy of you anyway.


If you continue seeking revenge you will only be scratching your wounds stopping them from healing.

Don’t lower yourself to their level of immaturity. Don’t let yourself be consumed by negative thoughts. Move on and get over it. That’s the best kind of revenge.

Plus, Karma is a bigger bitch than you and me together. She will revenge you. But, in order for Karma to get the things in her hands, you must completely be free of any kind of bad behavior and negative thoughts and feelings. You must feel serene and at peace.

What goes around comes around. So, relax, and watch Karma get back at them.

Mary Wright