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5 Amazing Lessons You Can Learn From Your Kids


If you think that you as an adult know everything and that your kids should be learning from you how to adjust well to the society once they become adults – you are not wrong, but you should know that your wonderful little children have a lot to teach you as well.

Because, if adults sometimes behaved like children, the world would be a more beautiful place to live in.

Below are 5 things you can learn from your kid.  

1. Enjoy The Present Moment

The past is over, the future is uncertain. What we have is only the present. If you want to be truly happy, start enjoining living in the present moment. Look at your kids, their mind is not bothered by how much money they will make, did they make the right decision or not, and so on. No. They are only focused on the present and enjoying every second of it.

2. Be Playful

Playfulness is what makes life worth living. Lacking a playful energy means you are slowly making your life a burden, a drudgery, a torture. Children find happiness and joy by being playful. Don’t stop playing. Sometimes as adults we get stuck with other things and we forget how to be playful. We need to remind ourselves every now and then that life can be amazing if we make it so.

3. Express Yourself

Children don’t know how to hide their emotions. When they feel uncomfortable or sad, they cry and scream. When they feel happy, they jump and laugh. They don’t suppress themselves and neither should you. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings from time to time. Being vulnerable is a virtue and this world needs more of it.

4. Return To Innocence

If you look deep into a child’s eyes you will see their innocence. To be innocent means to not have any feelings of regret, guilt, or shame. To be innocent means to have an open-minded and kind look on the world. To have pure intentions and a trusting heart, just like children have.

5. Admire The World

Children look at the world with admiration and wonderment. Everything seems like a miracle to them. Everything is new and exciting. They are always curious to find out more about everything that is happening around them. Adults, on the other hand, have lost their curiosity and their passion for life. They get so stuck in day-to-day life, working from 9 to 5, being stressed about many things, that they forget to look around them and admire the beauty that is everywhere.

Because once you reconnect with your inner child, you can live a life full of beauty, happiness, contentment, fulfillment, and joy.

Mary Wright