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5 Alarming Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Wear Shoes Inside Your Home


If you were worried that bringing shoes inside your house will only stain your carpets with mud, you are wrong. You’re also bringing severe health hazards which can be a bigger threat to your well-being.

A recent study conducted at the University of Arizona showed that a no-shoes policy is a must. Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist, and professor at the University examined this case by wearing a pair of new shoes for two weeks.

He revealed that 420,000 units of bacteria have settled on his shoes and another 3,000 have found their home inside them. In order to obtain more viable evidence, he repeated the experiment with 10 other participants and got the same results.

The main goal of the study was to verify the bacteria levels on various types of footwear and examine the effectiveness of washable shoes in reducing those toxic levels. And it showed that by simply washing them with a detergent, the fecal bacteria were reduced by miraculous 90%.

It seems that now we have an even bigger motive to leave our muddy boots at the door. So, here are 5 primary reasons that will have you cleaning your shoes more often:

Reason no.1: Shoes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria

In the study mentioned before, researchers found out that shoes can be the host of various types of bacteria which can be very harmful to your health and disrupt your natural balance.

The most commonly found bacteria was E. coli, also known as the greatest enemy of the intestinal and urinary system. The cause of meningitis and diarrheal disease. Klebsiella pneumonia – a well-known source of wound and bloodstream infections, pneumonia; and Serratia ficaria a rare cause of infections in the respiratory tract.

We’re never fully aware what kind of harmful threats we wear on our shoes until we actually get one inside our system. Yikes!

Reason no.2: Shoes pick up all kinds of toxins off the streets

Another important reason why you should always keep your shoes away from your home is the potential threat the numerous toxins carry inside them.

A typical backyard lawn is covered in fertilizers or weed killers – hazardous chemicals which include zinc, lead, cadmium, chromium and even arsenic. How would you feel if you know that all of these toxins are on the carpet where your children are usually playing?

I’m sure you’ve also noticed the gasoline traces on the streets. You are picking up that as well.

Studies have shown that an extended contact with any of these chemicals is very harmful, so by walking around your house with your shoes on, you’re releasing them into the air you and your family breathe every day.

Reason no.3: Leaving your shoes outside will save you time on cleaning

Not to mention that you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy on cleaning. A no-shoe policy will grant you more freedom to focus on more important tasks especially if you’re a new-born mommy. Despite the fact that your home will be cleaner and spotless, you can be much more relieved with your son carelessly playing on the carpets.

Reason no.4: Shoes can damage your floors

One of the biggest reasons related to the pure need for aesthetics. Have you seen a hardwood floor scratched and destroyed by a stiletto heel? It’s ugly. You’ve spent a lot of money and time on making your home a place you’re the most comfortable in.

Why would you want to wreck that?

Make some cute little cabinet in front of the door, and leave your shoes safe and sound outside your house. And instead of strolling around with your boots on, spoil your feet with warm, fuzzy slippers and enjoy.

Reason no.5: You wouldn’t have to worry about losing them in the depths of your house

Considering the fact that you already have that cabinet, you can rest assured that you’ll never ever lose another shoe inside your home. No more infinite searching for your kid’s missing sneaker. From now on, you know. Everything that comes off of our feet stays in front of the door.

What are your opinions on this? Are you a shoe person around your home or you like to keep it nice, simple and clean?


Stephanie Reeds


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