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4 Things You Can Do When The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You Back


Ahh… unrequited love. In my belief, this is one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through. The feeling of being rejected by the person that you love dearly is the worst. It can leave you shattered, devastated, and broken-hearted.

Moreover, with rejection come feelings of pain, sadness, self-pity, despair, anger, inadequacy, emotional distress, and feelings of revenge.

So, what can you do when you are in that state? Here are 4 amazing ways that will help you handle the situation.

1. Understand That Rejection Is Normal and It Means That You Are Living Your Life

Rejection is a normal part of life. We’ve all experienced it and we will still experience from time to time. However, giving up should not be an option for you. You should never lose hope and get discouraged. You should keep going on pursuing what you want while living your life in the best way possible. And remember, when one door closes, another one opens!

2. You Hold the Power in The Way You Choose to React to It

Don’t give power to the emotions that you feel after you’ve been rejected. Don’t let them take away your happiness. Learn how to dance in the storm instead. Go on and have a glass of wine with your friends, buy yourself the thing that you’ve always wanted, go for a massage, go to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself with the most delicious dish on the menu! Pamper yourself and you’ll notice a difference.

3. Learn from It

Even though this might seem hard at first, you should do this no matter what because it is a very important step towards healing. Just ask yourself several questions along the lines of: “What could you have done differently?” “What emotions do you feel after the rejection?” “How will this experience help you grow as a person?” Also, try to learn how to remain calm during these situations in case you are faced with rejection again.

4. The Only Approval That You Need Is Your Own

Imagine that you are a beautiful flower whose slower is ripped off by someone from its stem. The flower that has been ripped off dies, but the root will soon grow another flower just as beautiful. You are that root, and the person who rejected you is that someone who ripped off your flower, and the flower is your love for them.

So, you should come to terms with the fact that you only need an approval from yourself. Anything else doesn’t matter. You are the queen of your life.

Love yourself and you’ll never be rejected again.

Image: Carol Martins

Mary Wright