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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Looking For Love Today


1. You Have All the Time You Need Ahead of You for Love to Happen

Your friends are all coupling up, getting married, having kids, and yet there you are – single as a pringle. If you are feeling like you are missing out, don’t worry. You have the rest of your life ahead of you to make it happen.

Don’t rush it. Instead, take your life by the horns and be the creator of your own happiness. Stop focusing on the things you don’t have and start living your life.

2. Fall in Love with Yourself First

The saying “you won’t find love until you start loving yourself” is true. We waste so much time telling ourselves that we will love ourselves more once we get our dream job, lost weight, or when we finally meet the one. Instead of loving ourselves unconditionally the way we are, we are conditioning ourselves.

We spend so much energy criticizing ourselves instead of using that time to love ourselves. We should all learn how to love ourselves because of the way we love and treat ourselves is the way we teach others how to love us.

3. Appreciate All the Little Beautiful Things That Are All Around You

Wake up. Make yourself coffee. Smell it. Enjoy it. Be in awe with all the beautiful little things that are all around you. Give the guy at the counter a compliment. Tell your parents you love them. Get passionate about everything in your life. Stay present and enjoy every moment of your life.

Start dating yourself. Start becoming the best version of you and go on and create the life you’ve always wanted to have. But don’t forget to stay humble, patient, positive, and to practice self-care. When you are in this state, you’ll attract the love you always wished for.

4. Love is All Around You

Falling in love is one of the most amazing and beautiful things that can happen to you. After all, every human being needs to love and be loved. What everyone fails to understand is that romantic relationships are not the only form of love that we need.

Oftentimes, we get so preoccupied with finding the perfect partner, that we forget to be grateful for the love we receive every day from our friends and family.

So, love yourself, appreciate your beautiful life, and be grateful for all the good people and things you already have in your life that love you and support you.

Mary Wright