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4 Common Health Issues In Senior Citizens


Today humans can expect to live longer lives than they ever have before in history. However, despite advances in life expectancy, there are still common medical conditions that many people their older age can expect to develop.

Although there are measures you can take to avoid developing certain conditions, some health issues are inevitable with age. It may be a question of genetics family history and your exposure to certain elements in your past.  

Here are some of the most common conditions that people face in their older age and what you can do to attempt to avoid them.

Degrading Eyesight

Approximately one out of three senior citizens will experience some form of vision-reducing eye disease by the time they reached the age of 65.  It is essential that senior citizens attend regular ice screening examinations in order to catch problems early on.

Some conditions can be resolved with surgery; however other conditions may not have any hope of being reversed.  The best way to protect yourself against developing major sight issues in your older age is to attend regular ice screenings

Aside from degrading eyesight, senior citizens also suffer from deteriorating dental health according to this professional dentist in Madison Heights. Thus, it’s important they visit a dental expert every six months or more often if needed.


Unfortunately, more and more older adults are developing arthritis.  It can be not only incredibly painful but also frustrating since it makes being active more difficult.

If you start to develop early signs of arthritis, you should work closely with your physician to develop a personalized plan for your treatment.  Leaving arthritis untreated will only lead to the problem worsening at a rapid rate, potentially holding you back from being able to use parts of your body at all.

Heart Disease

The single-handed biggest killer of adults who are over the age of sixty-five is heart disease.  As humans get older, they become more at risk for strokes or heart attacks. In order to lower your chances of one of these happening it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Elderly citizens should make an effort to eat healthy choices, get plenty of sleep. and move around throughout the day.  By doing so, they will keep their bodies healthy and more capable of warding off heart disease.


Chances are that someone you know has been affected by cancer by the time you are 20 years old.  It is one of the biggest killers in our society today not only among senior citizens. Although you may not always be able to prevent cancer entirely, you can lower your chances.  

Always follow the advice of your medical doctor when it comes to cancer prevention. Things, like refraining from smoking or overexposing yourself to the sun, will have a tremendous impact.

Often by catching cancer early on in screening, it’s possible to eradicate it entirely through the help of treatment.

David Smith