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4 Ways Anger Can Negatively Impact Your Life


Anger can get a bad reputation as an emotion.  While a lot of people see it as a negative emotion that everyone is better without, it can actually benefit us. Anger can be a driving force that pushes people to make changes in themselves or the world around them.

However, it’s important that anger is harnessed and used for good rather than evil.  When anger arises, it’s essential to transform that energy into something positive. Use it as motivation to change something that you may have otherwise been complacent about.

If anger is not transformed into something else, it can negatively impact our lives in the following ways. (1)

Road Rage

A lot of people struggle with road rage when they get behind the wheel.  Sure, there may be plenty of incompetent drivers out there. However, road rage is a symptom of something much deeper.

When you have unresolved issues, they tend to be directed towards other sources which have nothing to do with your real anger.  Not only can you exhaust yourself by getting so angry while driving, but you can even get into an accident.

Road rage attributes to thousands of accidents per year, which could have been avoided by dealing with anger rather than pushing it down. Anger truly can kill when it’s transformed into road rage

Strained Relationships

Communication is essential in order for a relationship to thrive.  When two people aren’t able to calmly talk about what each of their individual concerns are, then the relationship fails to progress.

Both of you will start to harbor anger towards each other, and contempt will begin to fester.  Therefore, rather than allowing your anger to hold you back from communicating, let it be your driving force.  It’s okay to express that you’re angry, but it’s not okay to act on it. In the end, only you will suffer.

Poor Work Performance

Negative thought patterns can be a huge distraction.  If you have a job that requires your attention, like most jobs, then being angry will only lead to poor performance.

Your livelihood is crucial in order for you to be able to thrive and pay for your bills.  Therefore, risking potentially losing your job because you can’t let go of something that’s on your mind would be a huge disservice to yourself.  (2)

Poor Sleep

When we feel angry, it tends to haunt our dreams.  We wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares.  It’s challenging to get back to sleep when our minds are spinning over and over.

If you find yourself often suffering from poor sleep, it may be time to explore whether your emotions have something to do with it.

David Smith