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Mila’s Hilarious First-Day-Of-School Story Is Going Viral


The first day of school can be difficult and confusing for any young child. What clothes should you wear? What the teacher is going to be like? Will you like and agree with the other kids? Will they like you?

Not knowing the answer to these questions makes kids feel nervous. And for toddler Mila, the first day of preschool was a real disaster.

That’s the reason why she had to complain about it to her mom – the person who signed her up for preschool, the second she came home. Thankfully, she kept the camera recording the whole time.

Mila and Emma Stauffer are twin sisters from Arizona who are gradually gaining fame throughout the world thanks to the videos their mom Katie makes of them. Katie’s hilarious videos of her twins have gained her 4 million Instagram followers, which just proves how popular these toddlers are.

These sassy little girls appear to have an opinion about everything and they feel pretty comfortable and free to share it. They talk in front of their mom’s camera about topics ranging from Santa to breakups, and each video is funnier and more entertaining than the previous one. And the video in which Mila explains why she wasn’t impressed with her first day of preschool is going viral.

This is no wonder since her sweet voice, great storytelling skills, and funny demeanor are the cutest thing you’ll ever see. The teacher is shady. The kids are insane – throwing staplers, pooping everywhere… is just a little part of her hilarious rundown.

Listen to what Mila has to say about her first day of school for yourself here.

Riley Cooper