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3 Simple And Effective Steps To Identify A Sociopath


Whether it is a vicious and lying colleague at work, a toxic partner, a family member, a potential business partner, or just a random person you’ve seen on the, we’ve all met a sociopath.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of us know how to deal with the sociopath in their life. Most of the people I know spend their whole lives living, working, procreating with a sociopath, without even trying to disclose the truth and face the monster.

Sociopaths are known as individuals with psychopathic personalities who nurture antisocial traits and have a lack of moral responsibility. In other words, they don’t possess a right-or-wrong spectrum.

The main driving force of the sociopath is their need to dominate others. Despite their desperate need to rule people in order to gain some kind of emotional benefit, sex, business deal, material benefit, reputation, or possessions, they also enjoy dominating others just for the feeling of it.

The magnificent and glorious feeling of total control and power.

If you feel that you are surrounded with greedy, toxic, energy-sucking individuals, people who drain your soul, here are 3 steps to figure out whether you’re dealing with a sociopath.


The first thing you need to know about a sociopath – They are fast talkers. They tend to use a lot of words throughout their conversation. In fact, the more the blabber, the desperate they are to actually hide their real deceptive nature and lure you inside their web of lies.

Sociopaths like to use extremes. They enjoy making big promises, mentioning things they know you’d fall for or even making big plans for the future. You have to be careful because no matter how tempting it sounds, everything they say is false.

They usually start by using extremely positive words such as: “You are more than I could ever ask for”; “I will always be there for you”; “I can’t live without you, you are my everything”.

But, once they have you trapped inside their web of lies, they strike with toxicity and extremely negative and demeaning words such as: “You are useless, no one will ever love you” ; “If you even dare to speak to someone about this, I swear I’ll destroy you”; “You deserve worse after everything you did to me”; “Look what you made me do, now I have to hurt you”.

Have in mind that a sociopath will always switch back and forth between these two behaviours. That’s the thing about them. Just when you think you are safe, they attack you and destroy your tinniest hopes for happiness.

A sociopath knows your weak spots, your vulnerabilities and knows exactly where to push.


How do you feel around them? Is your gut feeling telling you something you don’t want to hear?

Some people are in tune with their emotions and know exactly when someone is trying to play them. But, some of us, don’t have this gift. They are the ones who are easily tricked and manipulated, so they end up marrying a sociopath or hiring a toxic, deceptive liar.

The ones who would rather believe someone’s sugar-coated words, than their own inner voice.

One of the most common emotions people get around sociopaths is FEAR. If you feel somehow threatened and uncomfortable in the presence of a certain person, you shouldn’t hesitate to leave. The gut feeling is always right. It’s our defensive mechanism against the world.

However, considering that sociopaths are skilful liars, the next extreme emotion they usually trigger in their victims is INFATUATION. Because of their kind words and their silver tongues, people immediately fall for them. It’s their irresistible fake charisma that gets them everything they wish for.

Watch out for their pretended kindness, their overly positive attitude and their surprisingly caring behaviour. No one is that considerate and nice.


But, the easiest way to recognize a sociopath is to observe their behaviour. Words can sometimes hide the truth, but nothing will ever speak louder than actions. Pay attention to their usual behaviour. And ask yourself if you would ever dare to do it.

Notice how every time someone asks for a simple explanation for their behaviour, they immediately put the blame on someone else.

The first thing you need to observe is their sense of empathy (or the lack of it). Since sociopaths are toxic and mentally disturbed individuals, they enjoy watching the suffering of other people.

Observe their behaviour around people in helpless situations. If a person is always choosing to stay aside and laugh or smirk at someone who needs help, without manifesting a healthy and normal empathy, it is possibly because they have sociopathic tendencies.

Also, one of the main criteria for antisocial personality disorder is when a person manifests signs of a potential mental disorder by the age of 15. It’s usually manifested in killing and torturing pets or small animals, adopting a pathological pattern of lying, stealing from strangers and family or fire-starting.

The mind of a healthy developed child isn’t capable of processing and planning these activities. So, if you notice this personality disorder in someone, don’t wait until it’s too late.

All in all, sociopaths are skilful and vicious masterminds. But, if you really focus on revealing the truth and facing them once and for all, you can do it. Just make sure to leave your emotions out of it.

Image: nickmims777

Stephanie Reeds