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3 Daily Habits Of People Who Aim For Great Success (And Achieve It)


As renowned speaker and motivator John Addison says, “there are two things in life: results and crappy excuses for not achieving results.” And being in a society which thrives on good excuses, most talented people end up not living up to their full potentials because of them.

Adopting a successful attitude has got a lot to do with the way we move and act during our day-to-day lives. Our habits determine our ability to succeed or fail, and our excuses only intensify our inability to achieve the things we dream of.

So, stop lying to yourself and start acting! Here are 3 daily habits of people who have achieved great success.

1. Getting out of bed early

Seize the day! Using at least two or three hours of the day before starting with work means preparing for the day ahead and thus being able to achieve more. As Addison says, most CEOs do this, and they use these extra hours to exercise, meditate, catch up on current events pertinent to the business, or any number of things. “When they do arrive at work, they are more productive and achieve more than most,” he explains.

2. Being a daily goal setter and a daily goal hitter

Long-term goals and dreams are excellent and much needed, but, as Addison notes, “what you do today greatly affects whether or not you will achieve your future dreams.” Design your day in that way that you maximize your results. Set the short-term goals that make up the whole of what your dreams and ambitions are and make sure you hit all those goals.

Whenever you sit down and prepare for the day ahead, set your daily goals – only the goals for the upcoming day. Ask yourself what needs to be done each day to achieve the most results and focus on those things.

3. Focus, focus, focus

Setting goals is an excellent thing, but it’s a waste of time if you don’t focus, that is if you don’t work on what’s important now. Addison notes that successful people always know what is important at the moment. “They are relentless in getting it done, and they don’t get distracted by unimportant stuff.”

Developing discipline and not letting anything distract you from your goals is the only way you will achieve results. And while it takes practice to develop this kind of discipline, it is achievable and it’s totally worth it.

Nobody said that aiming for success is the most adventurous thing in the world, but there’s nothing more rewarding as reaching the heights you’re meant to reach. “There is a scoreboard in life and business, and establishing repetitive habits that lead to effective performance is the key to winning results—and results are what matters,” says Addison.


Mary Wright


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