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21 Difficult Life Truths That Will Make You Become A Better Person


Sometimes, we all need a little extra kick to start living our lives to the fullest. We get stuck in our routines and bad habits and often think that we’ll never change. Learning to change is the most important part of life in the journey to becoming your best self.

The only way that it’s possible for us to change ourselves is by taking the time to learn. To help you, here are 21 difficult life truths that will make you become a better person.

1. People Only Care About What You Offer Them

It doesn’t matter what great qualities you have. Most people will only care about how you can benefit them.

2. Your Intentions Don’t Matter

You could have many wonderous ideas on how to aid humanity, but they’re futile if you don’t do anything. In life, only your actions really count.

3. No One is Going to Hand You Anything

You’ll have to work for what you want in life. No one is going to give you something just because you want it. The only way for you to ensure success is by going out there and making it happen.

4. There’s No Such Thing as Talent

Artists, musicians, athletes, all of these amazing people didn’t get where they are by winning the genetic lottery. They worked tirelessly every day to improve their skills. If you want that success for yourself, then you must practice your craft at any given chance.

5. Stop Making Excuses

There’s no reason that you can’t achieve the things you want. Make it happen. If you really can’t finish everything that you need to, then break up your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.

6. Emotions Make You Human

You’re supposed to feel sad, angry, or scared. These negative emotions are what make us human. Of course, it’s wonderful to feel joy, but we can’t feel that all of the time. Without the dark, we can’t appreciate the light.

7. Be Nice to People You Hate

Just because you dislike someone doesn’t mean that you can treat them like trash. Learn to be kind to everyone, no matter who they are.

8. You Will Never Be Perfect

Perfection has never been and never will be real. Instead of trying to be perfect, strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

9. People Will Always Remember the Negative

Even if you say a thousand nice things to someone, they will always remember the one time that you said something mean. Try to avoid negative actions as much as possible.

10. Money Won’t Make You Happy

This phrase is a cliché for a reason. Having money will not make your life any happier, and you certainly can’t bring it to the grave.

11. Not Everyone Will Like You

Some people just aren’t compatible. Don’t worry so much when someone doesn’t like you. Move on and focus on the people who do.

12. Time is Your Most Valuable Possession

Our time on this earth is limited, so use it wisely. Fill your days with things that either bring you joy or will improve your life.

13. You Won’t Get Anywhere by Thinking About it

It doesn’t matter how many fantastic ideas you have. If you don’t put the work into making them happen then they will always stay ideas.

14. Keep Learning Every day

Knowledge is power. Learn as much as you can about everything, every single day. You won’t lose anything by learning, but you will gain so much from it. Even if you don’t have time to study, learn a daily fact, or read a new study with your morning coffee.

15. Everyone You Know Will Die

We as human beings, take people for granted. No one wants to think about it, but everyone will die. Don’t take the people that you love for granted because you never know when you could lose them.

16. Be Thankful for Everything That You Receive

Gratitude is something that many of us forget about until Thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything that you’ve received in life. You weren’t guaranteed to have what you have and there is always someone who has it much worse than you.

17. You Need to Be Productive

Stop wasting your time and use it more wisely. No more scrolling through social media for hours or watching videos, one after the other, until the day ends. Get up and make the most out of your time.

18. You Should Never Risk Your Health for Money

Yes, we all need money to survive. That, however, does not mean that you should ever put your health at risk for it.

19. Stop Focusing on the Past

It’s good to remember our past mistakes, they’re valuable life lessons. The problem is when we spend so much time dwelling on the past that we become afraid to embrace the present.

20. Make Others Happy

Remember that other people deserve happiness as much as you do. As well as making your own life good, try to also provide joy to those around you.

21. One Day, You Will Die

If we truly understood our mortality, then we wouldn’t waste so much of our lives. You will die one day, and you need to start living your life to the fullest.

Some of these truths about may be difficult to hear but learning from them will make you a much better person. Follow these lessons these and understand how important it is that you grab life by the horns and get what you want.

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Eva Jackson