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21-Day Anxiety Challenge: How To Take Total Control Over Yourself


Anxiety is an intense, overwhelming condition. Some days there’s a daunting pressure that makes you feel like you’re about to lose it, others you’re convinced the whole world is against you and you just want to cry your heart out.

And while, there are days that somehow manage to get our hopes high up, sometimes all you need is a total SHUT DOWN from the world around you. Sometimes you feel like the only thing you need is an effective, and complete anxiety reset.

Imagine a whole week of stress and anxiety-free joy. That’s exactly what got me thinking and eventually made me realize that happiness can be found in the smallest and simplest of things.

 And while I’m aware that anxiety can’t be cured by forcing someone to remain positive and active when they clearly don’t feel like it, there are some essential things that are guaranteed to shed a brighter light on your current condition.

If your anxiety is getting a bit out of hand lately, try adopting these soothing and heart-warming habits. Challenge yourself and try to do something different for 21 days.

1. Spend some time outside the house. Pack the essentials and take a trip. Go for a hike. Engage in new adventures. It might be just the thing you need.

2. Buy a coloring book. You’ll be amazed of the therapeutic effect drawing and coloring has on us.

3. Start a journal and write down the things you are grateful for. No matter how dark the place you’re right now is, there’s always something to be thankful for.

4. Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Take care of your physical being. Water is the most important nutrient our body needs.

5. Turn on your favorite songs and indulge in a long music therapy. Let your conscience dive into the eternal world of imagination.

6.Stay off social media for one whole day. You’ll see how after a while, you’ll feel much better off.

7. Treat yourself to a nice, looong, extra bubbly and soothing bath.

8. Start adopting meditation as a way of life. Seek your inner peace. Maintain a balance.

9. Pick your favorite exercise and do it for about a half an hour. You’ll feel instantly invigorating.

10.Change your daily routine. Try to maintain a healthier habit and go to bed earlier than usual.

11.Find a diet which is suitable for your body and start making healthier choices.

12. Play with your pet. Give them a bath.  Snuggle with them. You’ll feel how the energy animals are carrying can have a healing and a highly soothing effect on you.

13. Meditate for about 20 minutes. Do this every time you feel like anxiety is driving you crazy.

14. Look up for Hygge on the net and learn more about. Hint: “Hygge” is a Danish word for enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

15. Make yourself a relaxing oil blend from different essentials and let your senses go wild.

16. Start a new hobby. Something you’ve always wanted to learn about.

17. Pick a time of the day that will be reserved for you exclusively. Take yourself out shopping. Visit art galleries. Go to concerts. Take a vacation. But, do it alone. Learn to appreciate the valuable time with yourself.

18. Pursue your biggest passion. Don’t let your talent go to waste.

19. Keep a list of your anxieties. Write down your feelings. Every fear that resides in you. Make this a way of relieving your body from all the tension.

20. Bellow each anxiety and issue you have, write down a method that helps you calm yourself. But, most importantly, never forget to practice them.

21.Don’t ever let anxiety isolate you from all the love and happiness. There are people who would risk everything to see you happy. There are individuals who are doing everything to help you. Be grateful for that and show them how much they mean to you.

Inspired by: LoveAndMarriageBlog

Stephanie Reeds


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