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21 Brutal Truths About Existence That Will Make You Get Your Act Together


Life is an extraordinary, unpredictable chain of events. It’s a series of occurrences that define our existence. Some of us choose to play it safe on the merry-go-round, others prefer the thrills of the rollercoaster ride.

However, regardless of how desperately you may try to control it, there will be times when hopelessness will manage to obliterate your mind. Life as you know it will come crashing down and once again you’ll be a victim of your own destiny.

So, the only thing left for you to do will be to get back on your feet and start accepting some crucial, but brutal truths about life.

You won’t be able to control everything that happens to you. And you need to acknowledge that. It’ll be tough, but you’ll succeed.  

Only if you decide to understand these eye-opening, ruthless realities that constitute life, you’ll be able to make your time on Earth worthwhile.

1. You are dying. And no amount of money, plastic surgeries, or healthy diets will change that. Regardless of how much money you’ve spent on making it good, it will eventually end and we’ll all become a fresh food for the worms.

2. Also, everyone you know is dying. And while we’re not powerful enough to play God, there’s something you can do. You can stop taking people for granted. Cherish them while they’re here because tomorrow might never come.

3. Money doesn’t equal happiness. And I know that some of you might say that you’d rather cry in a Porsche than on the streets, but if your life is miserable, no amount of money is going to change that. The springs of happiness are inside our hearts.

4. Experiences are much worthier than things. Start to invest in experiences, events, and education rather than in material objects. Your fascination with the material world will eventually fade, but the experience you had will stay forever.

5. Make sure to have a good time, not to waste money. Finances are not the only way to have fun. They might buy you a ticket to a concert of the most popular band in the world, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you make of it.

6.You will never please everyone. No matter how much you try, people will always want more. More. MORE. So, you can either stop and take care of your wellbeing or die trying to make everyone happy.

7. You need to accept your feelings. Stop at once. Stop denying your feelings. Is it love? Is it hate? Or maybe jealousy towards someone you know? Accept your flaws, accept your nature. But, then if you don’t enjoy what you see, start doing some grave changes.

8. Desperately searching for happiness will make you lose it. When you base your existence on constantly seeking for something, so you can be happy (in the future), you fail to grasp all the beauty the present moment holds.

9. Be responsible for your actions. Nobody else is nor will be. For every consequence, every failure, and every success you are the only person who’s responsible. You are the ultimate creator of your life.

10. Stop trying to make everything perfect. Don’t make the mistake to waste your life waiting for perfection. It’s an illusion. Flaws are those tiny imperfections that constitute us, life itself. And flaws are actually the best part. Because they make us different from one another.

11. Don’t let your talent go to waste. If you have a passion for something and you also have a God-given talent to do that same thing, put it to use! Make the best of it! A few months from now, you’ll be happy you pursued it.

12. Learn to live in the present moment. What’s gone is gone and certainly can’t be brought back. What’s to come is a mystery. We can’t foresee it, yet we can prepare for it. But, the only thing that’s in our complete control is the present moment and how we choose to spend it. Make sure to exist now, for it is the only way to reach happiness.

13. Nobody gives a damn about how hard your life is. Oh, you had a hard time? Boohoo. News-flash. Everyone of us struggles out there. We all face obstacles, yet we try to find a way to make our existence worthwhile. Don’t go convincing people your life is harder than theirs. You don’t know what they’ve been through. Fight your own battle.

14. Share your knowledge. Don’t make the mistake to act selfishly and egoistically when somebody needs your help. Instead be happy and thrilled to share your knowledge with people. Spread the word. Raise awareness. Be the change this world desperately needs.

15. Whenever things get tough, suck it up. By now, I’m sure you probably realized that life isn’t a freaking carnival. It’s not always rainbows and unicorn-flavored ice-creams. It gets ugly too. So, for your own sake, learn to deal with it and don’t let it strike you too hard. Keep your chin up and focus on the positive.

16. Stop dreaming and start working. Daydreaming is nice, but it gets you nowhere outside of the comfort zone. Take some action and put all of your ideas into use. Build. Produce. Change. Modify. Invent. Initiate. Create. Make the best of life.

17. Time is more precious than money. Our capitalistic society proves the point that time is indeed money. We exchange 40 hours of our lives per week for a certain salary. But, you’ve got to ask yourself. Is it all worth it in the end? Are we really destined to work and pay bills until we die?

18. Be grateful for everything you have. Do you have a roof over your head? Clean clothes and warm dinner? Someone you could come home to? If the answer is yes, you are the richest person in the world. Some people in the world struggle for a single drop of water. Never forget to cherish the things you have.

19. Donate time. Do something useful for your community. The only way we could influence the world is by taking matters into our own hands. The change begins with us.

20.Whatever you do, don’t lose yourself. Throughout your journey in life, you’ll come across a lot of obstacles but, the most important thing is to never lose yourself. Always remember who you are and defend the things you believe in.

21.Invest in yourself. Invest in everything you want to see flourish. Invest in your greatest passion. Make it work. Be the best version of yourself.

Image: Betina La Plante

Stephanie Reeds


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