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2 Women From Seattle End Up In A Hospital After Using Vacuum Hose To End Their Period


Yes, periods can really suck. We, women, have to bleed every month and go through PMS which in some cases is extremely painful and exhausting. Some women get glued to their bed for days because they can’t bear the pain from the menstrual cramps.

However, two women from Seattle thought they have found a solution to their problem. They decided they have had enough of menstruation, so they grabbed a vacuum cleaner to extract the menstrual blood from their body and stop their period.

Little did they know that their “perfect” plan could immediately turn to hell for them.


By using a vacuum cleaner, their body went into shock from the heavy blood flow. Moreover, it can also pull a woman’s insides, like her uterus and vagina walls, and cause irreparable damage to them. And lastly, women may die from the immense blood loss which is 1000 times more than the usual loss of a menstrual cycle.

Ladies, stop doing this. Your body knows how long you should bleed and how much blood loss you can handle. Your body is taking care of you by making sure you shed blood little by little.

And in extreme circumstances, when the pain is unbearable or you bleed extensively, you should ask for medical help.

Mary Wright