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Home Alone With Your Boyfriend; 7 Fun Activities to Do Without Spending Money


There are times when we are in a state of permanent savings, especially when we pursue a dream or have a goal to achieve, for example, when we live as immigrants in another country. But being in savings mode does not mean that we must sacrifice our moments of entertainment and fun, especially with our partner.

A good way to share with our partner and not put our economy at risk is by doing activities at home. Here in this article are some of the things we can do in our home with our partner without spending a lot of money.

#1: Cook Together

Some will say that to cook, we need money. It is not true. It is not necessary to make special dishes, we can prepare food with the ingredients we have at home. The most important thing is that we share the activity.

One idea is to hold a cooking contest. If you have leftover food at home, you can do something with that. The contest consists of using only what is in the kitchen and each member of the couple must invent something different. The winner will be the one who prepares the most delicious dish, with the best presentation and creativity. Maybe it’s the opportunity to invent a new recipe.

#2: Watch Movies

Sitting together on the couch to enjoy movies is the most common activity when sharing at home. You must be careful in the selection of the film. Make sure it is the kind of film both of you will love. If the selected film generates debate and comments at the end, it will be the beginning of an excellent evening.

Watching the movie and sharing some candy and popcorn will make the moment more enjoyable and it will surely be much cheaper than going to the movies.

#3: Video Game Marathon

If you have video games, organize a marathon with your partner. You will surely have a fun time. Most boys love this type of games, and nowadays more and more girls are joining this hobby.

You can use a blackboard or a notebook to keep track of the games won by each one. And if you want to spice things up to make a great ending, you can decide to try sex games. It can only lead to one ending – under the sheet!

#4: Home Training

If you have the necessary space, you can organize home training sessions. Perhaps you have always wanted to start an exercise routine, but you have not had the money to enroll in a gym or the time to exercise outdoors. Exercising as a couple is a good way to burn calories because there is motivation. And in all, it is a very special way to spend time together.

#5: Table Games

We all have – even if it’s a board game. And what better way to have a good time with the couple without spending money than with a good game of cards? Competing in monopoly or any other of the board games that exist in the market is a great way to spend some time alone with your partner. If you are bored with those ones, you can invent a new game, setting rules. If it is very fun, you can repeat it on the following occasions.

#6: Make a Photo Session

This is a very fun activity because you can disguise yourselves as you want and pose in a thousand ways while your partner takes pictures. The idea is to take turns and get the best of yourselves using that creativity residing inside of you. You do not need expensive cameras. You can use your cell phones and then hang the funniest photos on your social networks.

You can also take the opportunity to record some videos together. The experience will be unique and you will not spend a penny.

#7: One Day Spa

You can choose a day to relax and indulge in a Spa at home. The idea is to do each other’s messages. Do facials, foot massages, moisturizing treatments, and all the necessary pampering that both of you like. (2)

As you can see, there are a thousand ways to have fun at home without spending a lot of money, strengthening your relationship, and enjoying moments of fun and recreation so necessary to lead a healthy life.

David Smith