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2 People Have Contracted HIV After Getting “Vampire” Facials


Thanks to Kim Kardashian West and other beauty moguls, people have begun taking beauty trends to the extreme. They’re getting fillers, trying out expensive treatments, and even taking part in potentially dangerous skincare routines.

One of the many treatments that Kim K has popularized is the vampire facial. And yes, it’s as scary as it sounds.

As it turns out, however, it’s not only the name that you need to be afraid of. Along with that, some people are even getting ill from this treatment.

Even worse still, 2 people have contracted HIV after getting “vampire” facials.

If you’ve never heard of this type of facial before, then you probably have no idea how someone could contract such a serious illness from it. Well, this treatment involves injecting someone’s own blood into their face. The idea behind it is to refresh the skin.

Although officials can’t say for sure whether or not the Albuquerque spa in question is to blame, it’s extremely likely. Since both people contracted the illness after attending the same spa, experts believe that the establishment is to blame.

Furthermore, the New Mexico Department of Health has announced that the spa has been closed since last September. This closure was due to an inspection which found issues with how the needles were handled.

In addition to this, the state’s Department of Health has urged that people who received a vampire facial at the Albuquerque spa be tested for HIV.

As it stands right now, over 100 clients have been tested for the disease. As well as that, they’ve also tested for hepatitis B and C.

This is a worrying reminder to all of us not to take part in beauty trends just because they’re popular. The worst-case scenario could be that you contract a terrible illness such as HIV from them. Unfortunately, that was the fate that befell these 2 unlucky people.

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Eva Jackson