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17 Unique Traits And Powers Of Truly Empathetic People


Empaths are sensitive and strong at the same time. They are real gems that make this world a better place to live in. They are unique because they can feel things that others can’t.

Here are 17 traits and hidden powers of all empathetic people that make them who they are – amazing human beings.

1. They Understand How People Feel Really

They can sympathize and understand how others feel when going through some things. They see the situation and they immediately understand and relate to how they are feeling about it.

2. They Feel Overwhelmed in Crowded Places

Empaths get overwhelmed when they are among many people. This is because they feel every energy and emotion around them and their senses get overloaded.

3. They Can Tell When People Are Lying

They can look at someone and they can sense that person’s true intentions. This can be both a good and a bad thing. Their ability to detect any lie will make them hurt easily and get disappointed with people.

4. They Are Energy Sensitive

Empaths are extremely sensitive to the energies of people around them. Every negative vibe deeply affects them and their mood. When they are bothered by something, but they don’t know what it is – then, it is usually because of the bad energies around them.

5. Negativity Takes A Very Serious Toll on Them

They really can’t handle negativity. If a person constantly drags them down with their negativity, they will get emotionally drained and they will cut that person out of their life.

6. Their Intuition Is Very Strong and Accurate

Their gut feeling is stronger and more correct than in other people. When their intuition tells them something, usually it is the right thing.

7. They Do Not Handle Pain Well

Empaths take everything at heart thus they can be easily hurt by smallest things. Their emotions are very high and that’s the reason why they can not let go of pain easily.

8. They Like to Focus on One Thing at A Time

They don’t half-ass anything. When they are talking to a person or they are finishing a project, they focus all their attention on the person or the project. With them, it is all or nothing.

9. They Are Either Loved or Hated

Empaths often appeal to people that need healing. So, depending on whether a person wants the healing or not, they are loved or hated. Some might not find their presence comfortable.

10. They Are Very Creative

Their mind works constantly, shifting between different ideas and concepts. This makes them extremely creative and innovative human beings.

11. They Never Slow Down

Time passes by much faster for them than for other people. They are constantly in the rush, having a million things to do. They need to slow down because being constantly on the go contradicts their introvert nature.

12. They Are Amazing Listeners

People come to them with everything because they know that they will really listen to them. Something that not many people can do.

13. … That’s Why Others Dump Their Problems on Them

Sometimes they let other people take advantage of them because they don’t know how to say no. It is not in their nature to let people down.

14. They Have A Deep Inner Strength

They are stronger than many people even if they don’t seem like they are. They do not give up. They learned that whatever happens they must move on.

15. They Always Seek the Truth

They want the truth and nothing but the truth. They are very honest themselves, so they expect total honesty from others as well.

16. They Cannot Stand Selfish or Fake People

When they are around selfish or fake people, they feel exhausted and energetically drained. Their nature does not match these people’s nature, so they become upset and anxious immediately.

17. They Have Hearts of Gold

They are genuine and giving people. They care too deeply about people that are dear to them. Whenever someone is in need they will do anything to help them.

Image: Chris Zielecki

Mary Wright