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17 Things Others Don’t See You’re Doing Because You Respect Yourself Now


1. You no longer trust words that are not followed by action.

2. You are no longer the peacemaker and martyr. You don’t feel the need to smooth everything that gets out of control. If others want to be foolish, you let them. It’s not your problem.

3. Self-care is your number one priority.

4. You no longer rationalize or justify your actions. You don’t feel like you have to explain to others why you are dating someone or why you quit your job. Your life is only yours.

5. You don’t participate in negative conversations or gossips anymore.

6. You cancel dates if you want to stay at home. You go home when you want to go home. Saying ‘no’ to someone is no longer an issue for you.

7. You don’t respond to calls or texts right away because you are busy doing other things. You are not glued to your phone.

8. You start breaking other people’s expectations of you because you realize you have nothing to prove to them. You live only by your own rules and you are your own guide in life.

9. You don’t drink or “party hard” when you are upset or sad.

10. You don’t engage in any shape or form with people you don’t like because you don’t want to waste time and share your energy with them.

11. You also don’t care whether someone likes you or not. You are who you are.

12. You say “I don’t know” when you don’t know. You say “yes” when the answer is yes. You say “no” when the answer is no.

13. You no longer feel like a victim.

14. You take full responsibility for your life and your actions.

15. You no longer engage with people who only see you as an option.

16. You make better life choices because you don’t want to let your laziness and poor habits to take a toll on your success.

17. You feel more in touch with yourself and your emotions.

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Mary Wright