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17 Things A Man Does When He Finally Finds The Love Of His Life

Things A Man Does When He Finally Finds The Love Of His Life

Some people believe that men are wired differently than women. That they are not as emotionally open as we are. That they are not able to express their love the way that women do. But let’s face it. These are just a bunch of stereotypes that women who’ve been hurt one too many times believe in…

The reality is different than you think.

It’s true, many women out there weren’t lucky enough to experience true love. But that doesn’t mean that these men don’t exist. Real men are out there. And when they find the love of their life, they love. So deeply, that one couldn’t find the words to describe their love. One could only feel it.

If you’ve been one of the lucky ones to meet someone like this, know that you are blessed.

These are 17 things that a man does when he finally finds his true love:

1. He respects you. This one is a given. A man in love not only respects you as a person but also respects your opinions, your values, and your beliefs no matter how different they are.

2. He is not afraid to open his heart to you. A man in love is an open book. He is not scared to show you what goes on inside of him. In fact, he is more than willing to reveal his emotions to you.  

3. He appreciates you for being in his life. A real man always tells you how happy he is to have you beside him. He notices the little things you do for him and he never misses a chance to express his appreciation for you.

4. He loves you for who you are. A real man falls in love with your personality and accepts your flaws as one of the most beautiful parts of you. He is not only in love with your personal appearance but with the essence of your soul.

5. He protects you both physically and emotionally. Not that you cannot protect yourself, but you get the idea. A real man supports you and never lets anyone hurt you. Because he cares about you more than you know.

6. He doesn’t give up on you when things get tough. A real man doesn’t run for the hills when faced with a relationship obstacle. Instead, he does everything in his power to make things work again.

7. He feels free to be himself around you. He knows who he is, and he knows what he stands for. Most importantly he is not afraid to be his true self when he is with you.

8. He takes responsibility for his actions. He owns up to his mistakes and knows when to apologize when he’s wrong. A real man has the integrity to take full responsibility for what he does or says.

9. He openly shares his feelings with you. Whatever he is going through, he is not afraid to openly share that with you. Even when he is upset or angry and he needs some time alone. He knows that you would understand him.

10. He respects your needs. A real man is considerate of your time and your needs. His happiness comes from seeing you happy and well.

11. He notices everything about you and remembers all the small things that make you smile. He wants to be a part of your life, so he always pays attention to the books you like or the movies you enjoy. A man in love is simply curious to learn more about you.

12. He is always there to help with anything. Because unlike others, he genuinely cares about you.

13. He is loyal to the grave. A real man is easy to trust because he values honesty above all. Especially when it comes to love and relationship. He is a faithful and loyal partner.

14. He works on himself. He has a good relationship with himself. A real man is confident, independent, brave and he always strives to reach his potential. That is what makes him an even better partner.

15. He stands by his word. When he makes a promise, he does everything in his power to fulfill it. He is not just a careless talker. A real man does everything he says. Even if that requires going out of his way to achieve that, he will still do it.

16. He trusts you completely. He knows that he can rely on you for everything. He can sense your intentions and he knows that you would never do anything to hurt him.

17. He is not intimidated by your dreams. Most importantly, a real man is not afraid of your potential. He is not afraid of your goals. On the contrary, he pushes you forward and encourages you to live the life of your dreams. A real man is a cheerleader, not a road blocker.

Stephanie Reeds