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17 Obvious Signs He’s Freaking Out Because He Likes You Too Much

signs he likes you too much

Have you ever wondered why the guy you’ve started dating is suddenly behaving weird and acting distant?

This is something that has happened to all of us. You start dating a new man, and there’s an immediate, bright spark between you. You suddenly become inseparable, you share your bed, you share your laughter, your memories, and everything seems perfect.

Just like the most magical and romantic fairytale.

Up until a moment when he starts acting a bit distant and reserved. And you start wondering if you’ve done anything to insult him or hurt him…

Ladies, I feel you, but there’s no need to panic. If this is a fresh new start for the both of you, your partner might be experiencing some confusion or fear about where is this going.

So, bear in mind that his emotions are probably real, he’s just facing difficulties expressing them.

Here are 17 signs he likes you too much:

1. You catch him looking at you with his eyes full of sparks, but only when he thinks you can’t see him.

2. He’s been hurt badly, got her his heartbroken, struggled to stand back on his feet and he keeps mentioning how afraid he is that you might do the same to him.

he likes me too much

3. You engage in a meaningful, intimate conversation about his painful past, he opens up to a point where his eyes begin to shine with tears, and then in a blink of an eye he changes the topic and distances himself from you.

4. He loves cuddling with you and falling asleep next to you after sex, but as soon as the morning comes, he freaks out and leaves as quickly as possible.

5. He gives you a lot of mixed signals.

One moment he’s cuddly and tender and the next moment he’s suddenly rude about the fact that you asked him if he liked to stay at your place.

6. He’s a man in action.

But, as much as that sounds nice and promising, he constantly avoids talking about his real feelings about you. He never tells you he misses you, but he’s always there to pick you up and take you for a walk.

7. He may not have introduced you to his parents as your girlfriend yet, but his family already knows everything about you. It looks like someone was being busy chatting, but is terribly afraid to admit it.

8. He tries to avoid every talk about your possible future together, but he’s constantly there for you. Judging by the way he cares about you, he’s not going anywhere.

9. He acts all cute, lovey-dovey around you.

He spoils you with baby talks, he tickles you but, once you start doing the same, he suddenly backs up and puts his serious face on.

10. He gets uncomfortable during your silent moments and your eye contact.

You’re looking into each other’s eyes, you fall deeply inside each other’s souls and you’re both burning with desire, but he stops it all and nervously breaks the eye contact.

11. He says that he doesn’t want a serious relationship, but still behaves jealously when he sees you in the company of another boy.

12. He avoids holding hands or kissing in public, but everyone knows that he’s head over heels in love with you. It’s that obvious.

13. It always seems like he has something to say, but is holding himself back from actually saying it.

14. He never told you how much he likes you, but his friends have already taken you aside to let you know that he’s crazy in love with you.

15. He desperately tries to push you away and forget you, but then when he realizes how much he misses you by his side and how much he needs you in his life, he begs for you to come back. It’s a cruel, cruel game he plays. But, he’s hurting.

16. Even though he avoids calling you his girlfriend before other people, he constantly invites you to family gatherings or parties. He’s too afraid to make it official even though he’s already obvious about his true intentions with you.

17. Lastly, he gains the courage and opens up to you.

He tells you how terrified and confused he is because he likes you too much, but he’s afraid to have his heartbroken.

Stephanie Reeds