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15 Empathy Traits That Can Only Be Found In A True Empath


There are many kinds of people out there, but personally, I like empaths best. They are those pure and kind souls that can feel the emotions of others as their own. They are very special people, and if you have an empath in your life consider yourself to be very lucky. Empathy traits are so rare and valuable. 

So, how can you spot a true empath? Look out for these 15 characteristics that every true empath possesses.

1. They Feel the Pain of Others as Their Own

Empaths can feel every emotion of the people that are close to them. I understand that this is difficult to understand especially if you are not an empath yourself, but empaths can really feel every emotion that others are feeling on a very high and real level.

2. They Are Always Willing to Help (Even Those Who Don’t Deserve It)

Empaths are always giving and giving and giving until they have nothing left. They are happy when they see that others are happy. They help everyone who asks for their help, even people who wronged them and who don’t deserve their help. Their kind soul will always find a way to forgive them and be there for them.

3. They Easily Become Exhausted

Feeling everything so deeply can become overwhelming for the empath. They can easily become mentally exhausted and they will often need a break. They need to release all those emotions once or twice a week if not every day in order to function properly. (1)

4. They Refuse to Be Fake

Empaths are genuine people. They never pretend to be something they are not. They know themselves perfectly well and won’t give up their empathetic nature for anything in the world. You can’t change an empath, ever!

5. They Are Great Listeners

Empaths are amazing listeners. They listen to every single thing you say. You will never feel ignored when you are talking to an empath. They will attentively listen to you because they feel all the things that you are saying. They attach emotion to every word and situation. That’s why when you need a listening ear you should go to an empath only.

6. They Hate Loud Noises

Their empathic nature makes them sensitive to loud noises. They get easily irritated by them because empaths are a little bit jumpy people and they always prefer silence over a loud environment.

7. They Are Not Confrontational

True empaths are naturally caring and kind people. They don’t like arguments and confrontations because they don’t always see a point in arguing. But, if they have to, they will.

8. They Are Always the Ones People Go To When They Have Problems

People trust empaths because empaths have such a warm and open vibe that draws others to them. When someone has a problem, they always go to an empath for solutions and understanding. (2)

9. They Detest Lying

There is no place for liars in the empaths’ life. Empaths are very honest human beings and they expect honesty from others as well. If you want to have an empath in your life, always, always be honest with them.

10. They Don’t Like Being in Crowds

Empaths cannot function normally in crowds because of their ability to absorb all the feelings of other people. This can be too much for them. They feel like they are being bombarded with intense emotions from everywhere.

11. Their Intuition Is Better Than Most People’s

Empaths have a heightened intuition. It is stronger and more powerful than many people’s. They only need to look at you and they will immediately know your true nature and intentions. And they are almost always right.

12. They Usually Have A Lot on Their Minds

Empaths are full of conflicting thoughts and emotions. That’s why their mind is always busy thinking. Sometimes they can’t shut it off and relax because there is a rollercoaster of emotions happening inside of them.

13. Other People Often Call Them Too Sensitive

Empaths are very affected by the feelings of others. That’s why people often say that they are too sensitive. And those people don’t understand that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive. It is a trait, not a weakness.

14. They Don’t Want to See Things That Will Upset Them

This is something that many empaths can’t handle. When they see something bad happening on TV or in real life, it triggers negative feelings in them. They get upset, and because of this they try not to spend much time online or watching TV.

15. They Are Easily Distracted

Their mind is everywhere, so they are quickly distracted. But, if they need to focus on something important, they will be more focused than most people.

Do you have someone like this in your life? If you do, tag your empath and show them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Empaths are rare and wonderful human beings. And if you are one, please never change! The world needs more people like you.

Mary Wright


  1. I have somebody like that in my life and I think it’s me I love people but I am kinda allergic to them as well .I don’t like being around multitude but when comfortable I am funny as hell lmfao. My mind always got too many tabs open .

  2. I’m not sure all empaths should be grouped as kind and caring people. Not that they can’t be, but true trait of an empath? No. To be an empath does not require one to be empathetic to people’s situations which is exactly why I avoid so many situations. Because I often have no desire to feel others moments or be overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s beyond frustrating just to be in a room with overly dramatic people and I have to restrain myself from lashing out. So perhaps that trait is perhaps a bit overly optimistic?

  3. I’m an empath. Single. One. Of the bullet points in this article. I had to go to therapy and get a psychiatrist because I thought I was going crazy. I had the biggest breakdown of my life when I was 14. I was a freshman in high school and I was feeling so many emotions and I had no idea why. I was constantly stressed and couldn’t handle it all on my own. It was difficult. I’m 18 and a half now and I’ve learned to turn it off like a switch. Those who aren’t an empath don’t understand. You can say that you do all you want. But you don’t. No matter how much you think you do. Being an empath isn’t a choice. And the traits listed aren’t fake. Every single one of them is true.

  4. I love this article, It’s getting to the point about the traits of being a true empath. I love emotions other people are feeling. It is annoying if your friend is lying to you and you know it. This helps me a lot to me. I now know that I’m a empath, And that will never change.


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