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14 Positive Signs You’re Enjoying Life As A Happy Single


We exist in a society that desperately believes in codependency and misinterprets the genuine need to be single. When someone asks you whether you have a partner, or if you ever plan to get married, the simple “NO” is an answer people usually frown upon.

It’s sad how being single and wanting to dedicate your life on self-growth is something that is often ridiculed and pitied.

People immediately behave as if something is terribly wrong with you. But, what they don’t understand is that not all of us are programmed to live the typical, conventional life.

Who said that you need a partner in order to be happy?

Happiness and serenity come from within. You just have to dig a bit deeper.

Here are 14 reasons why you enjoy living your life as a happy single:

1. You actually love your single life. The fact that you have limitless amount of time to spend on self-growth and work is priceless. The only person who decides whether you get to sleep, work hard, or have a crazy Saturday night out is you.

2. You have the freedom to choose whatever dating lifestyle you prefer. Adventurous one-night-stands? Passionate love affairs just for the sake of it? It’s your call, just make sure to stay protected.

3. Loneliness doesn’t scare you. Despite the usual blabbering that single life is a lonely life, having more time alone isn’t something you fear, it’s something that motivates you to spend it wisely on deciphering yourself.

4. You refuse to follow the same, general idea of what social life should look like. Maybe your friends mean the world to you. Or you’re not the marrying type. Maybe you like to dedicate your life on your career. Or maybe you just want to go through life swinging. It’s your life.

5. You have no problem dealing with issues and handling tasks all on your own. You’ve learnt to rely on yourself. It’s not that you don’t want anyone else in your presence. The thing is – you love your independency.

6. You believe in achieving your goals – You have a sense of mastery, self-confidence that you are capable of using your skills to successfully get to the finish line.

7. You are used to make your decisions (no matter how big, small or life-changing) on your own. You don’t need another person to help you in your decision-making process. The fact that you have the final say in everything is truly liberating.

8. It’s not that you don’t enjoy dating. You just don’t want it to be turned into married life. At least not yet.

9. Even though you’ve ended a serious relationship and you felt hurt, there is a strange sense of relief inside of you. It was a painful experience, but now you’re back to the life you enjoy the most.

10. You have all the time in the world to pursue your passions, indulge in your guilty pleasures, engage in meaningful talks with the people you personally like, work your ass of to reach that desired goal, develop new, kick-ass skills, focus on life and learn more about what it has to offer.

11. There are no more forced, make-believe relationships. You would rather spend your free time at home, watching a favorite movie than handling a fake relationship and a toxic partner, all for the sake of not ending up alone.

12. You feel happy for your friends who decided to tie the knot. Even if that’s not your personal lifestyle chose, you are thrilled to see them happy. There’s not a tiny bit of jealousy or pain inside your heart, because you are right where you want to be. Your life doesn’t gravitate around marriage and kids, and that’s perfectly fine.

13. You can’t understand those judgmental people who faint and overreact at the thought of spending life as single person.

14. You are having the time of your life and it clearly shows on your face. You’ve chosen to live a life that makes you the most fulfilled, the most successful and the happiest person alive. You couldn’t ask for more because you already have it all. You, my friend, are living the single life the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t ever let others determine your journey.

Image:Thought Catalog

Stephanie Reeds