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13 Cool And Practical Psychology Tricks You Have To Try


The human nature is something extraordinary. Every person is a unique composition. A one-of-a-kind creature. There’s are so much depths and wonders in the human mind that need to be explored.

And that’s exactly what psychologists have been doing. They maintain a keen eye for discovering new behavioral patterns and understanding the perplexity of our existence.

So, we decided to share some of these useful and interesting psychology tricks, or should we say peculiarities that make us human. They might help your communication skills and make your life easier.

So, here we go:

1. If you want to know if a person likes you, pick one word they usually use and give them a nod and a smile whenever they say it. If they like you, they’ll keep using the word all the time.

2. Do you feel like people aren’t taking you seriously enough? Then give this a go. Every time you tell them something, say that your father taught you. Most people religiously stick to parent’s advice.

3. You want to become the ultimate “rock, paper, scissors” winner? Right before you start playing the game, ask your opponent a random question. Now watch your confused friend while they keep throwing ‘scissors’.

4. If you wish to make people to agree with you, just keep nodding while you are talking. ‘The nod’ means that everything you say is truth. On the other side, you will also make them nod back at you.

5. Have you ever had the never-ending bumping with a stranger? You want to go one way, they want to go the other, but you still end up hitting each other. The trick is to point your look in the direction in which you are going, not in the eyes of the stranger. We often make the mistake to look strangers in their eyes to see where they are going.  However, by looking in front of you, you’ll be impressed to see how the crowd gives way to you.

6. If a certain song got trapped inside your head and you wish to forget it, just try to think about the end of the song. According to the Zeigarrnik effect, our brains tend to remember only the things we left unfinished.

7. If you want to make your kids eat healthier, for example broccoli, just go ahead and ask them if they 3 or 5 stalks. That way you aren’t providing them another choice. Manipulative, but interesting way to trick a person’s mind.

8. Do you feel like somebody is watching you? If yes, just yawn and start looking around. Yawning is known to be highly contagious, so if the person is really stalking you, they’ll yawn too.

9. The friend walking next to you is most likely to help you carry your bags if you continue talking to them while handing them the stuff. Most people usually won’t even notice when you are giving something if they are deeply focused on the conversation.

10. Did you know that the temperature of the hands while shaking says a lot about a person? If you know that you’re going to meet someone or shake hands with them, make sure you are warm enough. Warmth indicates a friendly and nice personality.

11. If you don’t know what to say to a person talking to you, just paraphrase the things they said and say it again. They will instantly get the feeling that you were actually listening.

12. If you need something done but you desperately need help from a friend, just ask them by saying “I need your help..”. People are not comfortable feeling guilty. That’s why, they won’t be able to refuse you.

13. If you feel like someone doesn’t like but you like to break the tension, ask them if you could borrow their pencil or pen. When a person doesn’t like someone, they would still pretend to be nice to them because of social acceptance. In other words, they will do you a favor and unconsciously break the ice. Afterwards, you can kindly thank them and start a conversation. You’ll notice how the tension will suddenly be gone.

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