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12 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Are Emotionally Hurt


Everyone deals with their pain in a different way. Any emotionally wounded individual is unique in their way of doing their things because they’ve gone through a lot of pain.

If you are emotionally wounded, probably you know that sometimes you can do some things that may seem odd to other people, and that’s because you think in a different way than them.

Here are 12 things that you might be doing while you are healing yourself from your emotional hurts.

1. You Look for Distractions at Any Cost

You look to find anything that will keep you busy and your mind off from things that bother you. There are a million things that you are probably having on your mind from which you need to escape. You are doing as much as you can to calm your mind and organize your scattered thoughts. And this can be both good and a bad thing, depending on your choice of the ‘distractions’ you do.

2. Sometimes You Go ‘Numb’ Because You Were Feeling So Much

Your emotions are running high and you feel everything on a deep level. Your feelings are so intense that you often get overwhelmed to the point of going ‘numb’ and not wanting to deal with anyone or anything.

3. Your Sleeping Schedule Is Very Unconventional

Your sleeping schedule varies from getting plenty of sleep to not getting sleep at all. And that’s mainly because you tend to stay up at night battling your own thoughts and reminiscing about all the things that you’ve gone through.

4. You Obsess Over Things You Can’t Change  

You obsess over all the bad and negative things that have happened or are happening at the present moment. You have a problem with letting go of anything that doesn’t serve your highest good, so you tend to go ‘into the dark’ thus making it hard for yourself to see the light again.

5. You Take Things One Day At A Time

You live in the moment, whereas other people are busy planning their future. You don’t think about your future plans because you are busier with staying focused in the now. You spend your days doing things that make you feel good. Other people may think that you are immature, but they don’t know what goes on inside your mind.

6. You Overthink Everything

Your emotional wounds make you overthink everything. Even the smallest things can easily get to you and you can’t help yourself but obsess over them. We are all guilty of overthinking and procrastinating sometimes, but you are going in extremes.

7. You Cry Over Petty Things

You easily get upset over small things that most people wouldn’t even think about them. But, it’s all a part of the process. As you heal yourself and move forward with your life all this will go away.

8. You Put Up with Toxic People for Longer Than You Should

You are still wounded and vulnerable, so you still seek for things that feel familiar to you. Unfortunately, what’s familiar to you could be a toxic relationship or toxic people around you that you can’t seem to let go. The people who love you don’t understand this and that hurts you more.

9. You Are Often on The Defensive

You quickly become defensive. Even the smallest things can trigger you and you immediately start defending yourself. You have a problem with people joking or making fun of you. Also, you can’t accept criticism of any kind because your heart is in a vulnerable state.

10. You Get Annoyed by Others Quickly

You have lost your patience and that’s why you are easily annoyed by the most trivial things that other people do. And this is something that other people take the wrong way. They can’t understand why you are behaving like that.

11. You Stopped Trusting Yourself

When you are emotionally hurt, it’s hard to trust yourself and be confident. You are constantly questioning everything and second-guessing yourself all the time. And other people think that you are doing this out of weakness, they don’t realize you are doing this because you are emotionally wounded.

12. You Get Stuck in A Destructive Mindset More Often Than You Want to Admit

You are stuck feeling like you are chained to a situation that is never going to change for the better. You are not letting yourself see things for what they are. People see that you are destroying yourself with your negative thinking, but they don’t realize that there is a big reason for that.

If you notice these things in a person, please be more considerate and loving to them. Because they are going through a lot of pain and healing.

Image source: juven landers

Mary Wright