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12 Things Every Strong Woman Demands In A Relationship


Some people end up settling for less than what the really deserve in a relationship. They look past all the things that they’re not getting and let their significant other get away with not treating them how they should. Strong women know what they deserve, and will never settle for anything less.

It’s not being pushy or selfish, it’s simply looking after your own needs. Here are 12 things every strong woman demands in a relationship.

1. Respect

Everyone knows that a relationship without mutual respect just won’t last. A strong woman knows that she deserves to be respected and treated like an equal human being. It’s not just about her though, she will treat her partner the same way too.

2. Honesty

We say it a lot, but honesty really is the best policy, especially in relationships. A relationship that has been built on lies and deceit is almost guaranteed to fail. A strong woman will demand that her partner is always honest with them and she will always do the same.

3. Independence

She is her own person, not just some trophy for her partner. Her independence is extremely important to her, and she won’t let someone try to take it away. If her significant other tries to tell her what she can and can’t do, and makes her spend her time with only them, she’ll leave.

4. Effort on Both Sides

She won’t just keep giving if all that her partner does is take. Relationships are a two-way street and she expects that both people will make an effort to keep it strong and happy. Whenever trouble arises, she wants to work together with her significant other to fix it.

5. Loyalty

If her partner strays away from her, it won’t be easily forgiven. A strong woman will not tolerate cheating or unloyalty of any kind. She sees it as a lack of respect for her and for the relationship itself.

6. Freedom to be Herself

A strong woman is proud to be who she is and will never let anyone change that. From the clothes that she wears to the music she listens to, and even who she spends her time with, she wants the freedom to be whoever she wants to be.

7. Support

When things get tough in life, she needs to be with someone who will stick by her through it all. Her significant other should be there to guide and support her through all of her struggles. She also wants her partner to support her with any decisions that she makes involving her own life.

8. Fun

Relationships don’t have to be serious all the time. Having a good time is just as important as all the other stuff that goes on. Any strong woman knows that she deserves to have a little fun in her life. Who better to have this fun with than her significant other?

9. Understanding

Women can sometimes be a little complicated. A strong woman accepts her complications and her flaws. It’s not enough though that she alone accepts them. Her life partner should be able to understand her and be okay with all her little, quirky behaviors.

10. Trust

The strongest foundation that you can build a relationship on is trust. If both people are suspicious of the other, then they will ultimately end up sad and frustrated. A trusting relationship is one that will last, as both people love and respect the other enough not to suspect their partner of doing something wrong all the time.

11. Compromise

She wants to go out for the night and her partner wants to stay home. Instead of having one person get their way and it breaking into an argument, she wants to make a compromise. Every strong woman knows that compromise is key in any situation. It keeps the relationship fair, equal, and happy.

12. Real Love

Most importantly of all, a strong woman will demand real love in a relationship. She doesn’t want to waste her time with someone who doesn’t really care about her. Without a strong, true love, the relationship simply can’t exist. She deserves to be loved by someone just as much as she loves them.

Any strong woman out there knows that these 12 things are crucial to her relationship. Without them, there’s no point in even staying in it. If you don’t already demand these things, now is the time to start. Whether you believe it or not, you are a strong woman and you deserve only the best.

Share this with the women in your life and tell them to go out and get what they deserve in a relationship.

Eva Jackson