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12 Revealing Signs Your Child Is Truly Gifted


Real intelligence is very hard to measure. When Thomas Edison was a child, her teacher told his mother that he was “addled,” a word that means ‘slow’ and ‘stupid.’ Well, he was neither slow nor stupid. He was a truly gifted child.

Einstein was also considered to be unsociable and mentally slow. Do you agree? Of course not. He was one of the greatest minds and perhaps that’s why many people didn’t get him.

However, there is a big difference between smart children and gifted children. Smart children are every teacher’s dream come true. They work hard and behave themselves. They study hard for their good grades. Gifted children, on the other hand, already know the answers and they get easily bored in the classroom. That’s why they can be problematic.

Another difference between them is that smart children know and tell all the answers, but gifted children ask all the important questions.

Having said that, here are 12 signs you have a truly gifted child and you should be proud of them.  

1. They Sound Like A Professor

Gifted children very often reach milestones in knowledge faster than the average children. For instance, language skills come more naturally to them. They have an extensive vocabulary and they are able to speak using complex sentences.

2. They Are Able To Identify Patterns

Identifying patterns, for example, what time of day Daddy and Mommy come home, or solving a jigsaw puzzle is something that is not so ubiquitous among little children. Unless, of course, they possess a gift.

3. They Are Voracious Readers

Gifted children are insatiably curious. That’s why they will read every book they can to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. When something piques their interest, there is nothing that will stop them.  

4. They Are Incredibly Talented At Something

Gifted is another word for “incredibly and exceptionally talented.” Some children have a natural talent for some things, like arts or sports, but an extreme talent for something is a sign of a gifted child.

5. They Like To Be In The Company Of Adults Or Older Children

Because of their advanced abilities and intelligence, gifted children have a hard time relating to their peers. That’s why they seek company in adults or children who are older and mature.

6. They Are Mature

Gifted children are emotionally intelligent. They are more mature than children their age, and that’s why they don’t get their jokes and pranks.

7. They Are Already Leaders

Because of their problem-solving skills, their maturity, and their ability to think outside of the box, gifted children are remarkable leaders. Their leadership abilities are very evident from the youngest age.

8. They Are High Energy

Gifted children are always moving. That’s probably because of the fact that their brain is always going. Also, they tend to speak very fast and the reason for that is because they try to follow their thoughts with their words.  

9. They Need Their ‘Me Time’

Gifted children love spending time with people, but they need some alone time after that to recharge and be alone with their thoughts. They also enjoy many solitary activities, like writing, painting, reading…

10. They Love Nature

Truly gifted children love spending time in nature. They love the calmness, the sounds, and the sights of nature. It brings out their creativity and helps them organize their thoughts.

11. They Think Learning Is Fun

Because of their desire for knowledge, every learning experience is something very fun and enjoyable for them. Extensive learning is one of their hobbies.  

12. They Underachieve

Even though this sounds very counter-intuitive, gifted children actually spend most of their mental energy toward things they are interested in. That’s why they tend to excel in one subject but fail in others. Also, underachievement is due to their carelessness, boredom, frustration, and short attention span.

Mary Wright