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12 Reasons Why Many Men Can’t Handle A Female Empath


Did you ever notice that female empaths struggle to find love? For them, it is like they can’t find someone with whom they can be truly themselves. And it breaks their heart.

She likes to love and be loved. Deep and passionate connections inspire her. She only wants the marvelous, and only the marvelous things have power over her. She would never settle for a mediocre life.

But why is that? Why do men find it difficult to handle a woman who is an empath? For some, it may be because of this woman’s intensity. For others, it’s their own fear of intimacy.

Here are 12 more reasons why men can’t handle her. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that these reasons don’t diminish the value that this woman has and her exceptional inner beauty.

1. Sometimes She Struggles With Intimacy

Because she’s been through many failed and toxic relationships that she reached a point where she has her guards up high. This is not a bad thing, because only the man who will be patient and loving enough to make her believe again in love will be with her forever. Others will lose her sooner or later.

2. She Questions Everything

For her, everything has a deeper meaning to it. She doesn’t want to accept the fact that some things are really that simple. So, she searches and searches for something else. Many people find this overwhelming and they can’t handle the constant questioning.

3. She Is All Or Nothing Kind Of Woman

 She will never tolerate being in a relationship with someone who is flaky and doesn’t put enough effort to keep her in his life. Either he is completely committed to her, or he is completely out of her life. There is no between.

4. She Can See Right Through Your Words

She is deeply in touch with herself and her intuition is so strong that she is able to sense an insincerity from miles apart. If someone’s intentions are not genuine she will not immediately, and she will cut them off.

5. She Knows What She Wants And What She Doesn’t Want

So, she will never waste her time on wrong things and people. She won’t let anyone walk over her. She won’t accept any shitty behavior. Period.

6. She Can See The Worst And The Best In People

That’s why she will always know why someone is doing, she will know the reason for their behavior. She sees their flaws and their qualities, and she needs to make a decision whether she likes them or not. This can make people see her as a little bit judgmental and calculating.

7. She Is Very Persistent

She will never surrender. This woman is a fighter. When she sets her mind on something she will get it. When she loves someone, she will never let them go. Only, she needs to constantly have a control over the situation which is bad for the male ego.

8. She Wants Consistency More Than Anything

She wants others to stay true to their words. She hates games. If she is in a relationship with someone she wants consistency. She wants to be sure that she is a priority to him. She doesn’t like half-assed efforts in her relationships.

9. She Is Very Independent And Self-Fulfilled

She knows she is able to take care of herself. And she does – perfectly well. She has no problem being alone. She is happy with her life. This can make some men feel useless around her.

10. She Is Honest

She doesn’t sugar coat things. She is always open about her intentions and her feelings and she expects the same of her partner. Of course, many people don’t like this because they don’t want to be faced with the reality.

11. Everything Is Intense With Her

She is not a simple woman. Her energy is intense and it can be very overwhelming for people who are around her. That’s her nature. With her, every experience is emotionally charged and this can be too much for some people.

12. She Doesn’t Want To Be Caged

She doesn’t want you to “protect” her. She can do it herself. She doesn’t like to be “fixed.” She is very aware of her nature and she doesn’t need someone who has a problem with it.

Mary Wright