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11 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid If You Want To Preserve Your Happiness


Our happiness depends mostly on us. But it is also very much affected by the people we surround ourselves with. We become those we’re with, and this fact is something you shouldn’t take lightly.

The people you surround yourself with can either inspire you to grow or pull you into the mud they’re in. So, surround yourself with positive people as much as you can and learn to steer clear of toxic ones.

Here are 11 types of toxic people that will destroy your happiness if you allow them to influence you with their presence in your life.


While it’s not our job to judge how people live their lives, it’s definitely our responsibility not to allow their lifestyle to affect ours. Time wasters are toxic to themselves, but they are just as toxic to the people around them.

They may not even be aware how negatively they can affect the people around them, but their disregard and utter disrespect of one’s precious time speak volumes about how toxic they can be.


Indifference is as toxic as negativity, simply because being indifferent to everything means welcoming all the negative influences without much effort or thought. And when someone just doesn’t care, they don’t care about anything really – not even you.

This is not the laid-back type of person, but rather the person who won’t go out of their way for anything or anyone – the type of person who lets life do its job while they don’t participate in it. You don’t want to become a person like that.


Life has its positive and negative side, and there has to be some kind of balance. You can’t always experience everything ‘good’ just as you can’t possibly experience everything ‘bad’ with a fundamental lack of the former.

The constantly negative ones don’t focus on the good – they always see what’s bad about their lives and they project this negativity onto everything and everyone around them. Spending time with a person with such a negative outlook on life will make you a bitter person.


Hey! There’s no such thing as perfection! Why criticize everything all the time? These people are very close in perception to the constantly negative ones, and they make sure they remind you of how imperfect you are (as if there’s someone who is perfect).

These people take enjoyment in tearing others down, they don’t resort to constructive criticism, and they don’t aim to help you grow with their criticism. Their sole purpose is to point out the things they don’t agree with.


We’re not talking about people who have endured so much in life that they were really victims of the circumstances. We’re talking about those who like to hold on to grudges, the ones who are always quick to point the finger at someone else.

These people are victims to their mentality – they like to see the world as the main thing to blame for their inability to take responsibility where it’s due, and who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions. Incredibly toxic.


In a world full of nuances and subtleties, these people stand out with their rigid view of everything in terms of black and white. They will see everything through the prism of the two opposite extremes and won’t allow for anything in the middle to be perceived as existent.

This is not how the world works, though. And this approach of theirs will eventually force you to accept behaviors which you’d never dream of accepting in your life.


The ‘label’ says it all, really. Don’t expect that these people will cheer for your success. On the contrary, they will turn gloomy and even aggressive if they see you doing things they don’t dare to do (or are incapable of doing). Then, their sole mission is to spoil your fun and make you see your success as nothing special.

As for jealousy, if you’re with a person like this, be careful who you introduce them to. They will be ready to ruin your friendships, relationships, and they will revel in the success of leaving you alone and only theirs.


These people are full of double standards, actions that don’t correspond to their words, and a completely dishonest attitude. They are devoid of any sense of morals, and they aren’t willing to sacrifice for the things you both agree are important in life.

These people are ready to betray you at the first chance possible to help themselves move forward, and they won’t feel any remorse doing it.


We are all at the center of our universe, but nobody should take this so literally as to treat others like their pawns and everything around them as if it all has to do with them and themselves only.

These people will do everything to stay at the center of things, making you feel like you’re only a disposable figure in their grandiose universe. Don’t put yourself in such situation – remember that we’re all at the center of our universe.


Nobody’s perfect, that’s true. But what if you’re with a person who constantly fails to meet you half way? What if this person constantly disappoints you time after time? You should ask yourself whether these people truly put enough importance into your relationship.

With such people, you can either put your foot down and express that you can no longer tolerate their behavior – give them a chance to rectify it or say goodbye to them entirely.


Speaking about going nowhere, there are those who will always refuse to engage in open communication and will put up stone walls. Or they can start avoiding you. Whatever their ‘approach,’ it’s always got to do with something they need to be aware of, but just won’t listen.

It’s not that they aren’t aware – it’s just that they don’t want to change the way they treat your relationship and they won’t go for any compromise or discussion when their rigid views are put to the test.

Mary Wright


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