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11 Types Of Kisses That Speak Volumes About Your Partner’s Feelings For You

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There are many different types of kisses and every kiss is special in its own way. Normally, a kiss is a representation of love, beauty, friendship, sensuality, passion, connection, and compassion. It serves as a bond between people. But, sometimes the kiss can reveal that a relationship is coming to its end.

So how can you recognize a loving kiss from a distant one? What’s the meaning behind your partner’s kissing style?

Here are the 11 most common kinds of kisses and their meaning:

1. Serious Kiss

In this type of kiss, there is no intense movement with the lips. The lips remain soft and still. This is a kind of kiss that reveals that your partner is drifting away and their feelings for you are disappearing. Or, maybe there is a trouble in your relationship and you both need to work it out.

2. Fast Kiss

This is a kiss you use when greeting or saying goodbye to friends or family members. When it is used between partners it is an indicator that they are angry or distant and they don’t like to show their emotions.  

3. Forehead Kiss

A gentle and sweet type of kiss. A kiss on the forehead could only come from someone who truly appreciates and cares about you. You may feel that this kiss is parental and not a kind that is shared between partners, but you are wrong. If your partner kisses you on the forehead does not mean that he or she is not sexually attracted to you. Contrary, it means that they completely adore all of you.

4. Nibbling Kiss

If your lover gently snorts your lips, they have sexual feelings for you and with this kiss, they want to tell you they want more. More attention, more sexual interaction, more connection. Immediately.

5. Angry Kiss

This kiss happens when partners are angry at one another and they start kissing in the middle of the argument. This kiss is intense, aggressive, and little clumsy. It can never happen when partners are calm and kind to each other.

6. Aside Kiss

When your partner kisses you in a hurry or touches you quickly in a sensual way, it means that they are sexually attracted to you, but they want to approach you when they have more time on their hands.

7. Traveling Kiss

A traveling kiss is one that begins on your lips and then ‘travels’ to your cheeks, neck, chest… and it is a sure sign of passion and desire. When your partner is exploring your body with their lips they want to taste every single part of you because you are the object of their love and desire.

8. Neck Kiss

The neck is a sensitive zone. If your partner kisses you passionately on your neck it means that they are sexually aroused by you and they want you. This kiss is never a friendly one, it is a kiss that screams: “I want you here and now.”

9. Chest Kiss

This kiss is an intense and passionate one. If your partner starts kissing your chest area, better start to undress. You are getting lucky.

10. Breathtaking Kiss

I think you know what this kiss means. This is a never-ending kiss. You and your partner’s faces change angles thousand times and even though you may be lacking air – you don’t stop. Your bodies are intertwined, and time seems to stop. You are hungry for each other. This is how real lovers kiss.

11. Termination Kiss

This kiss is the worst one. It comes after both of you decided to separate and end the relationship. It is painful, sad, intense, slow, and often salty (because there might be some tears). This is a type of kiss that you wish it will last forever because after it is over you know that your love story will end.

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