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11 Things Narcissists Do To Manipulate Their Partners


Narcissists are excellent at manipulating people into doing things they want and making them think it was their idea. And their victims don’t even realize what is happening because their sight is blurred with the narcissist’s charming nature.

Narcissists are the most selfish and self-centered people out there. When they decide they want something from you, they will go to any lengths to get what they want and feed their ‘narcissistic’ ego.

Below are 11 common manipulation tricks that all narcissists do to manipulate their partners.

1. They Play the Victim

You see, if anyone has to be the victim in a conflicting situation it is the narcissist. They are always the good ones, and you are the bad one. Even when clearly the narcissist is the one who is at fault, they will somehow always manage to make themselves the victim and you’ll end up apologizing to them. Again.

2. They Project and Deflect

A narcissist will project their negative traits to you in an attempt to not expose themselves. A narcissist image of himself is always a perfect one, so there is no place for any flaws or insecurities of any kind. So, they will project all their imperfections onto their victim.

3. They Make You Feel Worthless

If you decide to disagree with them, they will do anything to punish you and criticize you to the point of making you feel worthless. Suddenly, all your qualities they said they love are now problems to them. In this way, they try to win back your affection.

4. They Insult You and Yell at You

Insulting and yelling is a narcissist’s way of getting you to do what they want. This proves to be effective manipulative trick especially when the victim has low self-esteem because no one likes to be yelled at.

5. They Play the Blame Game

A narcissist always finds a way to blame their partner for their mistakes. When things go wrong in the relationship, guess whose fault it is? Yours, of course.

6. They Can Become Aggressive

Saying ‘no’ to a narcissist almost always results in aggression from their side. This dreading word puts them off balance and the more you resist them the angrier they become. This situation can turn out to be very dangerous for you, so be careful.

7. They Bring Third Person When ‘Necessary’

When it comes to winning an argument, they always try their best to win it no matter what they have to do. This means that the narcissist will often include a third person in the conversation and will make you the bad person in their eyes. They always will try to get everyone to be on their side.

8. They Belittle You

A narcissist wants you to be insecure and at their mercy. So, they will do anything to belittle you and make you feel inadequate to be with them and that you should be thankful that they have chosen you. Once they lower your self-esteem and make you feel powerless, they can easily manipulate you.

9. They Control Everything You Do

A narcissist wants to have complete control over you. They will watch your every step. They can even try to distance you from your family and friends if they feel that they are a treat to them.

10. They Try to Catch You Off Guard

They will always do something when you least expect it. Their desire for control is so great that they will always keep you on your toes. You will never know what a narcissist will do next, so you will become scared and always alert to what may happen.

11. They Gaslight You

A narcissist will always make you feel like you are the crazy one in the relationship. They will literally make you question your sanity. Stay true to your facts, and don’t let anyone treat you like you have lost your mind.

Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist? What tactics have they used to manipulate you? Tell us in the comments.

Mary Wright


  1. OMG believe or not, I was in a marriage for 12 years with such a narcissist that she used to blame me for everything, yell at me, humiliated me and so on. We met really young and we had never had another relationship before to compare ours to. The thing is universe started sending me signals and I overlooked them like comments on other men, to the point that she cheated on me once for 6 months. Then, she separated from me but still living with me like best friends with no stuff of a marriage, just finances. After, she didn’t divorce and still doesn’t want to, and to the top, she went to the States and became a prostitute as she is working at a pub where men go to..you know what. She realized how gorgeous ( she’s exotic like a model) she was and tapped into that to ruin her own life. She has depression, low self-steem, disfunctional parenting etc. She’s been there for 5 months and what she’s waiting to is to come back to my place hidding everything and pretending everything is fine something that I am not going to let happen. Today, I luckily have the best neurosientist, pshycologist, physiquiatrist in the world that is my best friend a man who lifted me up and has helped me through all this process getting to know who I am, because she didn,t let me discover it and I was like traumatized. Today, I am really happy and content with my current circumstances.


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