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11 Sayings You Should Remember Every Time You Start Overthinking


“We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.” – Anthony Hopkins

We, as human beings, are extremely curious. Our mind never stops thinking, asking, wondering, guessing. We sometimes get so overwhelmed with overthinking everything that our mind and our thoughts soon become our prison.

So, learning how to relax and calm your busy mind is essential for your well-being. By learning to not obsess and overthink, you’ll have more focus and mental clarity to go on with your day stress-free.

Here are 11 quotes that will help you to stop overthinking.

1. Listen before you talk. Think before you react. Wait before you judge. Forgive before you condemn someone. And try before you decide to quit!

2. Overthinking is an art of making up problems that haven’t existed in the first place.

3. Worrying will not lead you anywhere.

4. Calm your overthinking mind before you go to sleep. You owe yourself at least that much.

5. Don’t think about yesterday. Yesterday has passed. Focus on today.

6. Free yourself from the prison of your own thoughts.

7. Don’t worry about what can go wrong. Instead, focus on things that can go right.

8. There is nothing more destructive in the world than the horror of your thoughts.

9. Stop overthinking everything. Accept that you can’t control anything. Let it be.

10. Overthinking is the number one reason of unhappiness.

11. A calm and silent mind can hear intuition over fear. Don’t forget this.

Here are 3 amazing ways to stop overthinking:

Reconnect with nature. Take a walk in nature. Go on a vacation by yourself. Sit on a park bench and focus on the view in front of you. This will benefit your mind and help you stop overthinking by strengthening your focus on other things.

Repeat loving and peaceful mantras to yourself. If you pay close attention to your thoughts whenever you are overthinking, you’ll notice that they are mostly negative ones. So, shift them into positive and calming ones. Your mindset will soon change into a positive one too.

Meditation is great for your physical and emotional well-being. You will manage to re-center your attention from the thing that’s troubling you and immediately stop overthinking.

Image: Alberto Monteraz

Mary Wright