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101 Ways To Show Your Partner That You Love Them Without Saying It


When we’re deeply in love with someone, we want them to know it. We long for them to understand just how much our hearts beat for them and how important they are to us. The trouble is, that there are only so many ways to say “I love you” to your significant other.

Thankfully, there are a million actions you can do to show your partner how much they mean to you. To get you started, here are 101 ways to show your partner that you love them without saying it.

1. Take them on a romantic date like to a restaurant or for a walk in the park.

2. Kiss them when they least expect it.

3. Turn off your phones and spend some quality time together.

4. Watch their favorite movie or show with them.

5. Write them a love letter.

6. Make them a handmade gift.

7. Tell them how amazing they are as a person.

8. Look back at old pictures together.

9. Give them a long, tight hug just because you can.

10. Encourage them to follow all their dreams in life.

11. Ask them how their day was and really listen.

12. Take them out for breakfast.

13. Have a bath together.

14. Go out into nature and watch the clouds go by.

15. Go out at night and stargaze.

16. Cook them dinner.

17. Give them a full-body massage.

18. Accept them as they are and never try to change them.

19. Do something for them that they hate to do, like the laundry or grocery shopping.

20. Open up to them.

21. Play some board games together and just have fun.

22. Encourage them to eat healthily.

23. Take up a sport together.

24. Help them solve a problem that’s been bothering them.

25. Go on a road trip together.

26. Write them a poem.

27. Remind them often that you believe in them.

28. Ask them what’s been on their mind and let them speak for as long as they need.

29. Try doing yoga together.

30. Tell them how attractive they are.

31. Invite them to hang out with your friends.

32. Buy them flowers.

33. Say something nice about them in front of others.

34. Call them and chat for a while.

35. Buy them tickets to see a band or singer that they love.

36. Say something completely sappy but cute to them.

37. Cuddle up to them first thing in the morning.

38. Always say good morning and good night to them.

39. Laugh together.

40. Learn to love every single one of their flaws.

41. Surprise them with chocolates or candy that they like.

42. Invite their parents over for dinner.

43. Sit on either side of the couch and read books.

44. Plan a surprise date and don’t tell them where you’re going.

45. Go for a drive together just to see the scenery.

46. Make them a playlist they’ll like.

47. Cook together.

48. Tell them all the things you love about them.

49. Start a home project together like building a shelf.

50. Hug them and let them talk to you when they’re stressed.

51. Have a day to act like kids again – make a fort, go to the playground, or finger-paint.

52. Tell them your deepest thoughts.

53. Go for a walk in nature.

54. Do something crazy with them like skydiving.

55. Take them to their favorite place.

57. Make a scrapbook of all your favorite memories together and give it to them.

58. Initiate sex.

59. Help them overcome their biggest fears.

59. Hold their hand when you walk together in public.

60. Do something together that they love but you hate.

61. Give them positive affirmations every day.

62. Look into their eyes and just be with them.

63. Learn something new together.

64. Spend all day in bed.

65. Give them a foot rub after a long day.

66. Get them a new outfit that you think will look nice on them.

67. Run your fingers through their hair when you’re sitting together.

68. Read to them.

69. Make them coffee first thing in the morning.

70. Have a picnic together when the weather’s nice.

71. Watch a documentary together about something you’re both interested in.

72. Go to the park together and bring something fun like a football or frisbee.

74. Let them be vulnerable with you.

75. Watch the sunrise together.

76. Watch the sunset together.

77. Read their favorite book.

78. Help them through every step it takes to succeed in their goals.

79. Offer to cut or style their hair for them.

80. Light some scented candles that they love the smell of.

81. Kiss them on the forehead.

82. Buy their favorite bottle of wine and have it with dinner.

83. Try meditating together.

84. Write them a song.

85. Smile at them often.

86. Make them breakfast in bed.

87. Teach them something you know but they don’t.

88. Let them teach you something new.

89. Never go to bed angry.

90. Send them flowers to their office or workplace.

91. Do an errand for them that they’ve been too busy to do.

92. Dress up nicely, get them a new outfit, and take them on a fancy date.

93. Bake them something.

94. When you’re grocery shopping, buy them a snack that they’ll like.

95. Debate real-world issues together.

96. Always try to see their side of the story.

97. Grab a coffee to go and go for a walk around the town.

98. Pick them up after work and bring them somewhere nice.

99. Always apologize when you need to.

100. Always forgive them when they’re sorry.

101. Remind them every day how lucky you are to have them.

Love is a beautiful thing that can, and should, be expressed in more ways than just words. Next time you’re with your partner, try doing one of these things. If you make a habit of doing them often, they’ll appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

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Eva Jackson