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10 Things People Say When They Really Love You


When someone loves you, they care about you more than they care about themselves. You’re on their mind all the time and all they want is to see you safe, happy, and well. The way that they make sure that you’re okay is often in the way that they speak to you.

Real love isn’t always about grand statements and confessions of love. Sometimes, it’s the little things that they say to you that can have the most meaning behind them. Here are 10 things people say when they really love you.

1. “Be Careful”

If someone really loves you, they’ll want you to stay safe. Even though they know that you will, they want to remind you to be careful, just in case. They care about your wellbeing and security. If they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t even think about saying this simple phrase.

2. “Do You Need Help?”

They’re always quick to offer you help. It could be when you’re in a difficult situation, moving house, or doing something as simple as carrying a heavy bag. They want to make your life easier wherever they can.

3. “This Would Be Better With You Here”

They could be in the most exciting place in the world and they would still rather be with you. Your presence makes their days more enjoyable and fulfilling.

4. “I Was Thinking About You”

Perhaps they saw a movie that reminded them of you or bought you a gift because they saw it and thought of you. You’re constantly on their mind, in any situation.

5. I’m Here If You Need Me

When you need someone by your side, they’ll be there. When they tell you that they’re there for you, they really mean it and they’ve shown you that time after time.

6. “I Miss You”

Wherever they are, they only think about you. Having you in their life is so important to them. When you’re not by their side, they miss you terribly.

7. “I Want To Know Everything About You”

When someone takes a huge interest in your life, it means that they feel real affection towards you. Even the most minute details are important to them. Knowing more about you helps them to feel more connected to you.

8. “You Mean a Lot to Me”

You’re their whole world and they want you to know that. They tell you how special you are to them and how much they loving having you in their life. 

9. “In the Future…”

“In the future, we can take that trip together … When we’re old, we’ll look after each other.” If they’re planning a future with you, you can be sure that they truly love you. They want to grow old together and to spend their whole life with you.

10. “I Love You”

Maybe it’s obvious, but the most powerful thing that someone in love can say is that they love you. They’re telling you directly that they care about and that you are the most important person in their life.

If you have someone in your life who says these 10 things to you, then you have someone really special. They love you with all their heart, respect you and appreciate having you in their life. No matter what, they will do whatever they can to ensure your happiness.

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Eva Jackson