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When You Ignore Her, You Teach Her To Be Stronger Without You


In the beginning, you tried hard to impress her. When you got her though, you started to neglect her. You can’t take a girl for granted and expect her to stick around. As time goes on, she’ll get sick of it. She’ll learn how to be fine without you around.

In the end, you’ll regret the way you acted, because you won’t be able to make it right no matter how hard you try. When you ignore her, you teach her to be stronger without you.

Don’t Expect to Be Her Priority

Sure, at the start she’ll put you first, but that won’t last long. When she sees how far down on your list of priorities she is, she’ll give you the same spot on hers. Why should she put you first if you’re not doing the same for her?

You won’t be the first person that she calls when things go wrong. You won’t be the first person that she invites to hang out because she knows that you’re probably “too busy” to spend time with her. Don’t be surprised if when you finally find the time for her, she’s too busy as well.

You Won’t Know Who She Is Anymore

When she spoke to you, you never listened. You never took the time to really care about what she was saying to you. Maybe you nodded along to her words, but she saw through it. She knew that you would never really listen to her words.

She’ll stop telling you things. From now on she won’t talk to you about her day, her thoughts, not even about the amazing and exciting things that have happened to her lately. Instead of sharing everything with you, she’ll slowly but surely shut you out of her life, piece by piece.

If something terrible happens and she needs someone to talk to, you won’t be the first, second, or even third person that she calls. She’ll find someone else who really cares about her to talk to. She’ll find someone who’ll actually listen to her.

She Won’t Miss You

At first, you were everything to her. She wanted to spend every second with you, and when she couldn’t, she missed you like hell. It hurt when you weren’t around, but she got used to it. She stopped missing you and found that she could have an even better time without you there.

Trust Me, She Won’t Stay

You assumed she’d stay with you no matter what, but you were wrong. There’s only so much crap that she’ll put up with and only so many nights alone. Eventually, she’ll realize that it’s time to walk away and find someone who’ll put in as much effort as she does.

Through ignoring her, you reminded her of who she was before you. She remembered what she really deserved and what it meant to be without you in her life. Most of all, she realized that she was so much better off without someone like you.

When you leave her alone, you teach her to be without you. Don’t be surprised when she doesn’t need you anymore, you’re the one who showed her that she didn’t. No matter how much you want her back now, she’s already much happier without you.

Don’t lose someone you love because you’re too selfish to give her your attention. If you don’t care enough to spend time with her, then stop wasting her time and let her go.

Eva Jackson