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Most Guys Don’t Understand How Much These 17 Seemingly Unimportant Things Matter To Women


Those ‘micro’ and ‘unimportant’ things you do for your woman are actually the things that matter a lot to her. Why?

Because they’re a sign of your love for her. Because every kind word you say to her and thing you do for her puts a smile on her face and fills her day with happiness and satisfaction. Because every ‘little’ thing you do for her shows her that you truly care about her and that a lot of love is floating in the air.

Unfortunately, not all guys out there are aware of this. Most of them build relationships without ever realizing how significant the following things are to women:

1. Noticing when she changes something about her style.

2. Leaving cute, little, love notes on her bed in the morning.

3. Buying her a gift, such as her favorite box of chocolate, but not only on her birthday.

4. Treating her family and friends with kindness, respect, and dignity.

5. Offering to do the vacuuming although it is her turn.

6. Giving her a compliment about her hair or about something she thinks you will not notice.

7. Attentively listening to her when she talks to you and showing interest in what she has to say to you.

8. Taking her out to a romantic dinner when she expects it the least.

9. Sending flowers to her at work.

10. Standing up for her when someone criticizes her.

11. Remembering the birthday of her mother.

12. Apologizing to her for your mistakes – always.

13. Sending her romantic texts in the morning.

14. Kissing her forehead before she goes to sleep.

15. Posting selfies with her on your Facebook or Instagram profile.

16. Asking her how she spent the day.

17. Telling her: “I love you” every day.

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Riley Cooper