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10 Signs You’re With A Great Guy Who Will Stick By You No Matter What


At some point in our lives, we all become exhausted of relationships that just come and go. We want someone who will love us unconditionally and be with us for the long haul. Is one good man really so much to ask for?

Love has a time and a place, and it comes into our lives unexpectedly. You may even have already found the one. These are 10 signs that you’re with a great guy who will stick by you no matter what.

1. He Treats You Like a Queen

He doesn’t just do the bare minimum and expect you to stick around. Whenever he can, he pampers you and treats you like the queen that he knows you are. Nothing is too good for his girl.

2. He Talks About the Future

Your man will never run and hide if you start talking about your future together. In fact, he’s often the one to bring up the topic. He plans to be with you for a long time and is already enjoying planning a future with you.

3. You Know Each Other Scarily Well

It’s the cliché of “finishing each other’s sentences.” You know him like the back of your hand and so does he. You both always know what the other one needs, even if they don’t say anything.

4. Your Friends Like Him

If your friends have given him the seal of approval, then you can be sure that he’s a great guy. Friends always know what’s best. If they thought that he wasn’t the one for you, they would have no problem telling you.

5. And He Likes Your Friends

Perhaps even more importantly, your man likes your friends. He doesn’t mind spending time with them and hanging out for drinks or coffee. You know that in the future, you’ll all still be able to hang out together like one big, happy family.

6. He Always Supports You

Even if you decide to quit your job to go back to school or to take up some weird sport that no one has heard of, he’ll support you. All he wants is to see you happy and thriving. He’ll do everything that he can to give you the support that you need, whatever the case may be.

7. He Understands You

You may be the most complicated woman in the world, but he doesn’t care. Complications and all, he loves you for who you are. He understands how to look after you and knows how to give you what you need. When you need space, he’ll give it to you. When you want him there for comfort, he’ll be there too.

8. You Have a Good Relationship with Each Other’s Families

He loves your family and you love his. You often spend time with each other’s families and get along with them amazingly well. In the future, you two will never have to fight for your love, because you’ve already been accepted in both families.

9. What You Think Matters To Him

He doesn’t make important decisions alone. He values your opinion on everything. Before making a choice, he will always ask to hear your input first. It can often be the make or break for his decisions.

10. He’s Never Shy to Tell You His Feelings

A good man who will stay with you forever will never hide his feeling from you. He will tell you that he loves you and never let you forget how much you mean to him. He wants you to know that you’re special.

If you’ve found a really great guy, then remember to appreciate him. Treat him just as well as he treats you and let him know every day how important he is in your life. If you both make the effort, this will be an amazing relationship that will last right to the end.

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Eva Jackson