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10 Signs You Are An Assertive, Badass Woman Who Doesn’t Take Shit From Anyone


Confident and assertive ladies often get a bad rep. But they don’t give a damn about it because they know that their life is better because they are always standing up for themselves and they don’t take shit.

If you are too an assertive and badass lady, then you probably know how much time and effort it took to get to this place of strength, but now, as a result, you are a truly amazing woman.

Here are 10 signs that prove that you’ve reached that place of confidence and strength.

1. You’ve Been Called A ‘BITCH’ Many Times

Usually, people are not used to dealing with women who stand up for themselves. Therefore, they are very surprised whenever you do it. Some get even surprised to a point of calling you ‘a bitch’ for not behaving as they’d expected. But of course, you don’t care about those nasty comments.

2. You’re Not Afraid to Speak Your Mind

Because you are fearless and not caring what others think of you, you are also not afraid to speak your mind and tell the truth even if it makes someone uncomfortable. Also, you are not ashamed to make a scene and call out someone on their bullshit whenever you notice a disrespectful and hurtful behavior from them.

3. You Take No Crap from Anyone

When it comes to your needs, wants, desires, and boundaries – nothing gets past you. Especially when it comes to dating, you are there for yourself to never accept mistreatment and someone who is not sure whether they want to be with you. You cut them out immediately.

4. You Terrify Some Men

You are a super assertive woman and that can literally scare the shit out of some men, especially the insecure ones. Most men don’t know how to handle you, so they run the other direction. But you are cool with it.

5. You Are Insanely Confident

One of the main reasons why people value you and listen to what you have to say is because you radiate confidence. You are a self-assertive woman and you always pursue your dreams and goals in spite of everyone’s opinions. Sometimes, people mistake your confidence with arrogance and bitchiness, but that’s their fault.

6. You Don’t Sugar-Coat What You Have to Say

For so long women have been told to be nice and sweet, to talk gently, and to not make a big deal out of everything. They were told to lower their voice and not complain. Luckily, you are not like that. God gave you a voice, and you certainly know how to use it. Without sugar-coating.

7. You Ask A Lot of Questions

If you don’t know or don’t understand something, you ask about it. While many people are afraid of asking questions especially if they fear the answer, you are not. And in a dating situation, you ask a lot of questions because you want to know where the relationship is headed because you don’t want to waste your time overthinking and guessing things.

8. You Are Successful in Your Career

You take risks and chances. You carry yourself in a very confident, bold manner that therefore, you often find yourself taking leadership roles or authority positions. Your presence is that of a leader. Also, you are not afraid to negotiate your salary and that’s why you often get raises and promotions.

9. You Are Opinionated and Passionate, But You Know You Can’t Always Be Right

Just because you are passionate, confident, opinionated, fearless, and assertive doesn’t mean that you think that you are right all the time. Also, it doesn’t mean that you think you can get what you want. You understand that you are not perfect and that you too make mistakes and are wrong sometimes, but you accept yourself as you are.

10. You Know That If A Man Behaved in The Same Way as You, He’d Be Applauded and Respected

There is an enormous double standard when it comes to men, women, and assertiveness. Namely, an assertive man is seen as manly, but an assertive woman is seen as bitchy and arrogant.

Finally, cheers to all strong, assertive, and “bitchy” women! May we be them, know them, raise them.

Mary Wright