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10 Reasons Why Aunts Are One Of The Most Important People In Your Life


It’s no doubt that your parents will always have the number one place in your heart. But there is something about aunts that makes them just as special and important in your life.

The truth is, aunts are like second parents. If you are lucky to have them in your life, consider yourself blessed. Aunts have a big role in our lives because they provide us with a lot of love and support throughout our lives by being our family and our friends at the same time.

Here are 10 reasons why aunts are one of the most important people in our lives:

1. Aunts provide us with a new outlook on the world. They are here to help us broaden our horizons and develop a different perspective on life. As we grow older, the conversations with our aunts help us grow and shape our worldview.

2. Aunts give amazing gifts. Aunts see nieces as their own kids. That is why they are the happiest when they are around them. This makes aunts truly excited about surprising and gifting their loved ones. They have more time than our parents, so their gifts are always special.

3. Aunts are good role models. Children learn from everyone around them. So, who better to learn from than a kind, honest and loving aunt who behaves with integrity and treats everyone with respect?

4. Aunts have more time to play with us. Aunts are there when our parents can’t be. They fall asleep with us, they eat with us, they take us to lunches and they play with us. They don’t always have so many responsibilities as our parents, especially if they are still alone. That makes them just the right people that children need to play with.

5. Aunts provide discipline without being too harsh. Aunts are more openminded and they have more patience. They have a different approach from our parents, and that is exactly the reason why we often feel safer talking to them. They are the mature and wise friends that we’ve always needed.

6. Aunts are the best babysitters. They are happy to be there and watch over their niece when their parents need to take some time for themselves. This helps them gain more insight into life with children.

7. Aunts can share funny stories about our parents. It’s always fun to hear about your mom’s first kiss or how your parents met each other. But it is even more interesting when those stories are told by your aunts.

8. Aunts are mediators between us and our parents. Aunts are there to sometimes stay on our side when we get into an argument with our parents. Aunts are in a great position to act as neutrals.

9. Aunts are the people we go to when we don’t want to tell our parents about our problems. Sometimes we don’t feel good about talking to our parents. There are times when we are afraid of being judged and then there are times when we are afraid that we’ll be misunderstood. This is where aunts come into the picture.

10. Aunts are a great support to parents. Being a parent is not an easy job. Lucky are the ones who have a sister or brother to help them out. Lucky are the children who have second mothers in their lives.

Stephanie Reeds