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Your Real Friends Will Tell You The Truth No Matter How Much It Hurts

Your Real Friends Will Tell You The Truth No Matter How Much It Hurts

True bliss is having real friends who tell you what you don’t want to hear. Real friends warn you about your relationship, about your colleagues at work, and they tell you the unpleasant truth.

It takes courage to tell the truth. If you have friends who always tell it like it is, then know that they care about you even more than they value the friendship. Because no matter how you react, they still tell you the unpleasant truth.

Here’s a saying that’s related to this kind of friends, “The ones who love you dark are the only light you’ll ever need”.

Your real friends tell you when you look like a complete mess. They may make jokes about your looks a little bit, but they still love you no matter how you look. Moreover, they are the ones that ask you if something bad has happened that made you forget to look after yourself.

They are the ones that are completely honest with you when you choose a wrong partner. They are the ones to break it to you that the partner you are dating is a liar and a manipulator. Your real friends stay by your side when you choose to leave an unhealthy relationship. And they stay up all night with you if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Your real friends are the ones that can feel when something is totally off with you. They are the ones to notice that your work stresses you out too much. They are the ones that can feel that you need to take a break from work and have an awesome night out. More importantly, they are the ones who notice when you are trying to convince yourself that working at a particular firm makes you happy. They will encourage you to find a new job and pursue your dreams.

Real friends don’t care if they are rude to you. Real friends don’t care if they paint you the ugly truth. They want to open your eyes and they don’t want you to be blinded by pretty lies. Because a real friend will never agree with everything you say. Instead, they’ll tell you the truth, even when you’d prefer to be lied to.

Real friends don’t judge. They support and encourage. They express their opinions honestly, thereby stopping you from making a mistake you will later regret. Sometimes those honest opinions are harsh and it’s unlikely that you will accept them, but you must. After all, your real friends don’t lie to you. They want the best for you.

Real friends remind you daily to take good care of yourself. They care about your health and happiness. They want you to take care of your body and mind. They want you to be loved and cherished. And they are not afraid to tell you that they love you.

Remember that you are blessed to have such friends that will go through thunder and storm for you to see the truth. Maybe you are not used to being told the unpleasant truth, but that is a sincere, honest truth from your real friends. Appreciate your real friends and repay them the same way.

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