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Your Mom Will Never Stop Loving You Even After Her Heart Stops Beating

“Your Mom Will Never Stop Loving You Even After Her Heart Stops Beating” is locked Your Mom Will Never Stop Loving You Even After Her Heart Stops Beating

The day you lose your mother will be one of the saddest days in your life. When your mom passes away, you will start feeling, questioning and wondering things you never thought you would. Things you never suspected would have to think or feel that are completely new to you and are breaking your heart.

You will start feeling her absence and what she meant for you. How much you loved her even though sometimes you took her love and her presence for granted. Now that she is gone, now that you’ve lost her, you wonder when she is.

You will wonder whether she is around you. Whether she is your Guardian angel. Because sometimes, you can swear you can still smell her and feel that she is next to you even if you don’t see her, and other times you can’t feel her presence at all.

A Mother’s Love

You will wonder if she hears you when you bury your head in your pillow because you can’t stop crying.

You will wonder if she knows how much you love her and how much you miss her now that she is gone. You will regret not telling her every day when you had a chance. You will do anything if you could just for a day bring her back.

Minutes will feel like days. Days will sometimes feel like years when you don’t have your mom by your side.

You will miss her calls and hearing her soft voice. You will miss her smile. You will miss anything about her.

You will wonder if she watches you from above; if she misses you as much as you miss her.

You will wonder if she told you everything you need to know and whether you asked all you needed to ask her.

The wounds may never heal, but with time, you won’t hurt so much. Because one day, you will realize that your mom will always be with you. Inside your heart. Inside your mind. Taking care of you just like you were a little kid, but this time in a spiritual form.

Your mom will always love you. She will always be there for you. She is not there in a physical form, but your souls are always connected. The spiritual union you share cannot be broken.

Mary Wright

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