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You Will Find ‘The One’ After ‘The Wrong One’ Breaks Your Heart


I know that it’s been a tiresome battle for you. A battle in which you’ve given your heart and soul for a relationship that was not worth any of your time, tears and heartache. Because you don’t deserve a love that is uncertain and short-lived.

If you look back to the time when you tried everything only to have your heart broken, you will realize that you are worth so much more than someone who is not sure about you. You deserve to be with someone who’ll be more interested in your beautiful and kind soul than your physical beauty.

You can’t understand how love can slowly wither away from your life like it was never there. You feel guilty and blame yourself for not being able to keep it.

You care about people too much. You love them with all your heart and when they decide that they want to try something new and go their separate ways– that breaks your heart.

You just can’t understand why love is so difficult for you to find and keep. You feel like a homeless person, desperately looking for a person that feels like home to you who can give you the warmth that your soul craves.

It is even harder when you get to think about whether you can go through the heartaches once again or you should just give up on love altogether.

But, as strong as you are, you know that you mustn’t lose hope. That there is someone out there for you who will see you as their sanctuary, a safe place that they’ll never want to leave.

You understand that the person who broke your heart carried a baggage themselves. They took you for granted. They were blind to your efforts because they were hurting themselves. They saw you as their savior, but instead of opening their heart to you, they chose to shatter your hope and drown you in tears.

You recognize they were the wrong one because they came all shiny and sparkly towards you only to suddenly fade away when you were in the dark.

However, regardless of all the pain that you’ve experienced from giving people way too many chances, you just know in your heart that the right person for you will surely come.

They will come because now you know how to take care of yourself. You have your boundaries and you know to whom you should give a chance. You know how to distinguish between the right people and the wrong people.

You know that the right one will be imperfect like all of us, but he will know how to apologize and make up for their mistakes. They will never make you doubt yourself or the relationship you two have. Instead, they will make you believe in the power of love and that love is the most important thing given by God and it will always be.

You can then forget about tears falling down your face because they will never make you cry. You won’t have to hold your pillow tight at night anymore because they will be next to you, hugging you tightly and comforting you from your nightmares.

And you’ll finally understand that…

The wrong one will come and go, but the right one will come to stay.

The wrong one will love you temporarily, but the right one will love you forever.

The right one will never ever give up on you.

And that’s how you’ll know you are finally with the right person.

Mary Wright