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You Have Your Whole Life To Find Your Soulmate – Don’t Forget To Find Yourself First


Listen, I understand your deep desire to find someone who’ll love with all of his heart and show you what real love is. I know that. I feel you.

But, don’t you think that finding and understanding yourself is something essential? Something that needs to come first on your priority list?

You don’t need to force love. It will all work out. I promise.

What you need is to realize that life is short. You have to make yourself the number one priority.

Tell me, when was the last time when you actually asked yourself what do you want?

If you think about it longer than 2 minutes, it’s clear that lately, you’ve been avoiding your needs and deep desires.

Self-care is not just bath salts, casual night-outs, or chocolate cakes. Self-care and self-understanding mean taking the time to find yourself.

And it is definitely something all of us should do.

Can you really say that you know who you are?

It took me more than a year to first accept the fact that I needed a change, then to face my demons and finally to put an end to something that lasted for a long time. And I’m still not done. At least, I don’t feel like it.

I still feel that I need a lot of work in order to improve my life, to realize what I want to do with it, and ultimately figure out where I stand in this vast universe.

So, please, learn from my experience.

Don’t settle down until you figure yourself out.

Find out what makes you happy. Find out what sparks up that fire inside your soul, and what makes it burn even brighter. Find out your passions, embrace them and let your creativity flow through your body like never before,

Find out what type of person you are. Find out what soothes your soul and what makes it wild. Understand the language of your heart. What does it want?

Learn more about your what you believe in and why you rely on your values. Understand what it is that you want from this life. Find out what motivates you and what brings you down. Find out what gives you the energy to conquer the earth and what takes it away from you.

Do you actually know the spirit that is inhabiting your body?

Find out what do you want to be when you grow up because that’s not a question that needs to be addressed specifically to children. It’s a question we need to start asking ourselves, regardless of our age. Dreams will always be dreams. It depends on us whether we’ll identify them, embrace them and fulfill them.

Understand what makes you sad and what leaves you frustrated. Learn how to deal with the anger raging inside of you and the sorrow your heart carries.

Find out what those tears of yours are made of. Focus on yourself and strictly on yourself.

Reinvent yourself.

Find your purpose in this universe. Whatever it is that you are destined to do, it is amazing. But, to do so, you need to get out of your comfort zone and search for the real you.

Don’t be so quick to settle in a nice, comfortable relationship. You have your whole life to find the love of your life.

Don’t forget to find yourself first. It’s all that really matters.

Stephanie Reeds